Canine Confidence Workshop

We are excited to be in collaboration with Tamasine Smith from Leadchanges Dog Behaviour to offer this unique workshop for dog owners new and old.

This workshop has been designed to educate dog owners in what behaviours to look out for, how to prevent problems, how to choose or select your new dog, how to build confidence and resilience in your new dog and help them become a great family member.

Using a combination of slide shows, discussions, demos and practical hands-on work, we will guide you in what to do to develop the best relationship with your dog. 


Special insights into rescue dogs, puppy farmed dogs and dogs that might need extra support
• Puppy farming, backyard breeding and hobby breeding – how to find a good puppy
• Learn what causes behavioural issues in the first place – how to deal with those you may have and how to
avoid them if you don’t!
• Arousal and overstimulation, frustration tolerance and why calm and patience are so important
• What is play, socialisation and habituation – this may be different from what you thought!
• Developmental and sensitive periods – what they are and why confidence building is important

• Neutering – a brief guide to the pros/cons and how to make informed decisions about what is best for you
and your dog as individuals. Plus understand alternatives to conventional neutering and the effect on specific breeds
• Breed needs and breed differences – what to watch out for and be aware of…
• How dogs read each other – why some, such as brachycephalic breeds, might have a harder time around
other dogs
• Knowledge is power – learn how our human emotions, feelings and personalities effect dogs
• Have a go at a few fun canine activities suitable for puppies and new dogs which help build focus and
develop relationships

New Puppy? New Dog? Teenage Terror? Learning Workshop

Education is key when you are thinking about getting a puppy or dog or already have one and just want to learn more about their behaviours. To help you and your dogs to have a happy and well-balanced life together.

For more information and to book please contact us by email or call us 07709 539903.

Places restricted to 15 people.

This workshop is for humans only, but dogs will be present for you to work with.