Jack Russell Terrier Puppy

Training for terrier puppies is so important and needs to start right from when you bring your puppy home.

Small terriers are beautiful, lively, active, super intelligent, and are a great all-round dog.

They may be small but they are mighty!

With a willingness to have a go at anything they certainly have a huge amount to offer for such a small package.

It is essential to get terriers to be good around other small animals, children and movement from an early age because they can be so movement-stimulated, I have plenty of experience working with terriers and children. 

Having worked with many over the years I am now the proud owner of a rough coat Jack Russell.

I have been amazed at how great she is at trying everything. This has driven me to specialise in working with this wonderful breed group. I am passionate about helping others to teach their small terriers to be the best they can possibly be.

We can work with you from the day you bring your terrier home or as soon after as possible and support you with correct socialisation and training right from the start to help prevent the problems from developing that are all too common with terriers. This will help to create a superb foundation for you to continue your training journey.

Our training differs from other types of modern reward based training. We allow the puppies to problem solve for many of the behaviours that we want them to learn. It is beneficial for their brain development, especially when they hit the adolescent wall from around 14 weeks of age!

Prevention is always better than cure! Excessive barking is one of the most common behaviour problems with terriers and being dog or people reactive. This may be due to genetics, and even from things that happened long before you picked up your pup.

Early socialisation and habituation from the breeder is crucial and then this must be continued from when you bring your pup home.

Training for Terrier Puppies

Terriers love to work! With an incredible appetite to have a go at anything. I am yet to find an activity that my terrier doesn’t enjoy doing.

General training, Trick training, Scent work, Parkour, Canine Hoopers and Agility

The above training activities are what we have to offer and they are just a small tip off the iceberg. There are so many other activities that you can do with your terrier. My terrier Pumpkin loves Mantrailing! They love to use their noses, if we can incorporate this into their activities it can help to work their busy minds, lower stress levels and helping them to be happy calm relaxed dogs.

They really are have-a-go heroes and love to please. What they lack in size they make up for in their personalities. They definitely are small and mighty and will try their best at everything. 


Sessions can take place daytime Monday – Thursday during term time, evenings and Saturdays. 


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22nd April 2024 – 30th May 2024
17th June 2024 – 31st July 2024
4th September 2024 – 18th October 2024
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Cairn terrier puppy

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