Naomi Farrow

Naomi is an ADTB qualified instructor with over 14 years training experience offering professional dog training in South Norfolk.

With a training background from previous employment it was a natural progression for Naomi to establish her own business which had initially started as a hobby. Within a few years the part-time hobby became a full time job.

Over the years Naomi has gained further qualifications and regularly attends further training to continue with her professional development.

Naomi has gained membership with the Pet Professional Guild and the Pet Professional Network and is an Accredited Canine Hoopers Instructor.

This January Naomi is embarking on a Parkour Instructors Course. Once completed Naomi will be offering Parkour workshops.

Naomi lives just outside the village of Hempnall, Norfolk with her husband Rob, their daughter Paige and their black Labrador Bumble Bee, 8 years and their Jack Russell puppy; Pumpkin 9 months.

Harley July 2006 - July 2018

Paws 4 Training was established in 2009 after Naomi bought her first dog; Harley, a young black Labrador Retriever.

Harley had an horrific start to his life and had suffered abuse. He had missed out on crucial socialisation and training prior to finding his forever home with Naomi.

Through training Naomi built up Harley’s trust in people to ensure he felt safe and he had a fantastic life with his two “brothers” and best friends Phoenix and Bumble Bee.

Phoenix and Bumble Bee helped Harley’s confidence and they would often play together taking it in turns to chase each other in the garden.

Harley had 11 fantastic years with Naomi and her family. Sadly, Harley crossed the rainbow bridge in July 2018 but his legacy lives on.

Phoenix 11th October 2009 - 1st May 2021

Naomi brought Phoenix home at 9 weeks of age. She used Phoenix to help develop her skills in various aspects of training, including obedience, gun dog training and scent work. 

Phoenix helped Harley to build up his confidence and they were best of friends. Phoenix was very laid back and had a fantastic temperament. He was a typical Labrador and was ruled by his belly and would do anything for food.

Sadly Phoenix has crossed the Rainbow Bridge to be reunited with Harley. He is sorely missed but his memories will continue to live on within our family.

Bumble Bee 5th July 2014

Bumble Bee joined the family in November of 2014. He was 17 weeks. He was rehomed from another family and very quickly adapted to being in a multi-dog household.

Through various early experiences that Bumble had as he approached adolescence some behaviour problems started to appear. Bumble can be reactive to some dogs and people and Naomi has been working really hard at helping Bumble to cope if these situations arise. 

Bumble Bee was great for helping Harley to come out of his shell. Harley would follow Bumble Bee in the garden and he developed a new lease of life.

Bumble attended clicker gun dog training classes. He has done some basic flyball training, and enjoys agility and canine hoopers. He loves performing tricks and will be attending Mantrailing in 2023 and will be learning all things Parkour when Naomi has done her Instructors qualification.

Bumble is a very loyal family dog. He is now enjoying his furry companion Pumpkin.

Naomi is using Bumble Bee to develop her training skills so these can be used within her training sessions.

Pumpkin AKA Masajack Hocus Pocus 31st October 2021

A number of years ago a friend had shown Naomi a photo of a rough coat Jack Russell that had been competing at Crufts. Naomi fell in love with this little dog and started researching about the breed.

As with all breeds there are always different types within the breed and it is so important to get the correct type of breed for your situation. It was essential that Naomi got the right pup as a companion for her family and also to have a dog that would be keen to learn and want to train at many different activities. After a lengthy search on Champdogs, Naomi found a breeder who really knew her stuff when it came to breeding and bringing up a happy healthy well socialised litter of puppies. We met the breeder and her dogs before they had been put in pup and went on the waiting list. 

Pumpkin was born on Halloween and we were thrilled to be notified that there was a suitable puppy for us. 

After having big dogs all her life it was a bit of a change downsizing. Terriers have enormous personalities and can be a little bit stubborn when they feel like it. They are very sociable dogs and Naomi started Pumpkins habituation and socialisation from when she joined the family. Accompanying her everywhere she went to get accustomed to her new world. Pumpkin took everything in her stride and is a very happy, robust and curious dog.

Naomi is thoroughly enjoying the training journey that she started with Pumpkin from the day she brought her home, learning so much together is all part of the fun.

Training Centre

We have an indoor Training Centre that we use for 1-2-1 training, agility and canine hoopers classes and our workshops. The training centre is located just outside of Hempnall, South Norfolk. Approximately 10 miles from Norwich. This is an excellent facility. 

We have soft flooring in our training centre which is a non-slip surface. There is a spectators’ area, toilet facilities and a basic kitchen. We are also wheelchair accessible.

In addition to our training centre we now have an enclosed secure paddock that we can use for our training sessions. We try and make use of this when the weather is right for the dogs. It’s great having the opportunity to work the puppies in different environments. 

We have plenty of parking.

We also offer home visits and use other secure fields for training and can meet clients in other suitable locations to help with socialisation.

We are always reviewing our services so we can offer our clients the best choice of sessions.

We always welcome any prospective clients who would like to come and have a look at what we do and find out more in person. Please do get in touch if you would like to arrange a visit.

Made to Measure Harnesses

We offer a made to measure service for our harnesses. They have been designed by Naomi and have two points of contact as standard which will give you more control when walking your dog.

Naomi can also make other items including: training leads, collars, training lines, standard leads and recently a safety strap for your dog’s lead.

We have a large selection of colours and there are three types of webbing that we use.

We make harnesses of all sizes suitable for miniature breeds to giant and anything in between. Visit our online shop to browse our products and to place an order.

Our products can also be purchased at our training centre. Bring your dog over to come and have a look at our facilities.

Creating outstanding training in Norfolk by exceeding our customers expectations