Bespoke Dog Training

Are you new to owning a puppy or dog and you are unsure of where to start?

Would you love to have a puppy join your family but don’t have enough time to train them?

Why not opt for a qualified experienced trainer to train your puppy or dog for you?

This will fast track your puppy or dog’s training. Making it so much easier for you.

Our bespoke training programmes will be tailor made for your puppy or dog.



What we can teach your puppy or dog

  1. Settle on a mat
  2. Focus exercises – response to name, eye contact and touch (target training)
  3. Bombproof sit
  4. Loose lead walking
  5. Recall
  6. Stay
  7. Emergency stop
  8. Canine enrichment
  9. Socialisation
  10. Desensitisation
  11. Handling to prevent biting
  12. Training to prevent biting at clothes
  13. How to stop jumping up
  14. Leaving items using distraction techniques
  15. Drop or exchange an item
  16. Calm meets and greets
  17. Freework

Our Methods

Our training methods use clicker training to help teach your puppy or dog a good foundation level of training which will be progressed to working under distraction. 

By using luring and free-shaping this will help us to achieve the desired behaviours with your puppy or dog.

You will be sent a bespoke email after the training session. With details of the cues that we used with your puppy or dog.


Daytime and evening availability

School Holidays

Saturday availability.

Please refer to our Ts & Cs for timescales for sessions to be used. This is the same as for 1-2-1 consultations.

Cost and Duration

The cost for a Train by the Trainer session is £200 for 4 x one hour sessions. (A standard mileage fee applies for locations 10 miles and over)

If you are present whilst your puppy is being trained we will give an overview at the end of the session of what was covered within the session. You are also welcome to watch me train your puppy or dog.

For your final session we will train your puppy or dog and then spend half an hour doing a final handover and helping you to train your puppy or dog. If this isn’t possible at the end of the 4th session we will make a convenient appointment to go through what was trained.

You will have access to our online members area for the duration that your puppy or dog is being trained and for 4 weeks after the 4 sessions have been completed.

Training videos of your puppy or dogs training can also be provided. 

Top up sessions are available.

Training Location

Home Visits

The training can take place at your home.  A mileage charge will apply for these visits if further than 10 miles from our home. (Standard mileage fee is charged) 

Paws 4 Training Dog Training Centre (Road Green Farm, Hempnall)

Sessions can also take place in our training centre which is located at the back of Please see our contacts page for directions.



Please click on the button below to pay for your sessions through our secure online booking system. We will then contact you to schedule in the appointments for you.

Please feel free to contact us prior to booking to discuss the training with us.

Don’t forget we just offer training and cannot deal with any behaviour cases.

We look forward to working with you and your puppy or dog soon.

Creating outstanding training in Norfolk by exceeding our customers expectations