Train by the Trainer

Tailor-Made Dog Training - Train by the Trainer Programmes

Are you new to owning a puppy or dog and you are unsure of where to start?

Would you love to have a puppy join your family but don’t have enough time to train them or are worried you may not be doing the right thing?

Why not opt for a qualified experienced trainer to train your puppy or dog for you?

This will fast-track your puppy or dog’s training. Making it so much easier for you.

Our train by the trainer programme will be tailor-made for your puppy or dog.


For any behaviour issues you may be having with your dog please get in touch with Tamasine Smith Lead Changes

Some of the things we can teach your puppy or dog within our train by the trainer programmes

  1. Settle on a mat
  2. Focus exercises – response to name, eye contact and touch (target training)
  3. Bombproof sit
  4. Loose lead walking
  5. Recall
  6. Stay
  7. Emergency stop
  8. Canine enrichment
  9. Socialisation
  10. Desensitisation
  11. Bite inhibition
  12. Training to prevent chewing and tugging on clothes and hair etc.
  13. How to stop jumping up
  14. Leaving items, using distraction techniques
  15. Drop or exchange an item
  16. Calm meets and greets
  17. Freework

Our Training Methods

Our training methods use clicker training to help teach your puppy or dog a good foundation level of training which will be progressed to working under distraction. 

By using luring and free-shaping this will help us to achieve the desired behaviours with your puppy or dog.

With over 14 years experience of professional dog training and a lifetime experience of having dogs your dog will be in great hands to lay excellent foundations down for future training.

Each dog is an individual and we adapt our training to suit the dog we are working with.

We are happy for future clients to visit us at our training centre to come and watch how we work. Please get in touch to organise a convenient time.


Daytime Sessions (Daytime sessions only available during term time between 9.30am – 2pm) 

Monday – Thursdays

Evening Sessions

Mondays and Tuesdays

Saturday daytimes

School Holidays

Evening sessions as above and Saturday daytimes only

Please refer to our Ts & Cs for timescales for sessions to be used. This is the same as for 1-2-1 consultations.


What is included in our Programmes

  1. A tailor-made training programme for your puppy or dog
  2. Ongoing support throughout your training programme
  3. We will give you feedback on a maximum 3 videos per day, 1-2 minutes long
  4. 15 min free Q & A or free WhatsApp questions
  5. Access to supporting training videos and documentation to support your training at home
  6. Ongoing future support for the training that we have covered. (Any new training will be charged at our hourly rate)

You may be present to watch the training or leave your dog with me at the training centre or your home to train. 

Contact us for prices for our programmes

Payment is required before any training commences

Contact us to discuss your requirements

Click on the button below to book a discovery call or alternatively you can email us using the form on the contact page Contact – Paws 4 Training

We look forward to hearing from you and working with your puppy or dog

Training Centre Location

Our training centre is located at the back of Road Green Farm on Bungay Road, NR15 2 NQ.

We have plenty of off-road parking. A secure outdoor training paddock and an indoor training centre with toilet facilities.

To find us click on this link which will take you to our contact page where you will find simple directions Contact – Paws 4 Training

We look forward to welcoming you

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