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Training Workshops

Throughout the year we run training workshops. Some of these workshops are done in house. For others we invite external trainers and behavourists to come and teach their specific skills that they offer.

Please keep an eye out for new workshops that may be added throughout the year.

We are open to suggestions for workshops that take place at our training centre. If you have any ideas of a workshop you would either like to take part in or if it is something that you offer and are looking for a venue then please get in contact with us as we are happy to host events at our training centre.

We only use kind and gentle reward based methods in all our training classes. We do not allow the use of choke chains, half choke collars, slip leads, slip collars, non-pull harnesses, shock or spray collars.

Please click on each workshop below to find out further information and to book.


These workshops have been designed to teach you how to get your puppy or dog to use its nose to find a toy or some cheese. This is an excellent form of mental stimulation. We have three levels.






Nose Work 1 – the basic scent workshop (Read more)

Nose work 2 – you will learn handling skills and we will make the searches a bit more tricky. You must have completed nose work 1. (Read more)

Nose work 3 – you will work your dog on longer searches, hiding scented items in a box, in a box, in a box, this requires more efficient & accurate teamwork. It will include postal & bag searches. You must have completed Nose work 2. (Read more)








Craig will teach you how using interactive play helps to create a unique and special experience to share with your dog. (Read more)









Using motivational techniques and positive reinforcement you will learn how to communicate with your dog in a heightened level of stimulation. (Read more)