It is so important that these amazing and intelligent dogs are off to a good start.  

As a herding/guarding breed that are intelligent and get highly attached to their guardians, it is essential to give them support and guidance to become a well-rounded adult.  It’s so important to develop the dog you want, not just focus on the puppy you have now!  GSD’s need to learn how to be on their own and to be out of sight of their humans because they can be susceptible to separation issues.  As a herding/guarding breed, they all too easily think they are losing a member of the flock when you disappear out of sight or out of the house.  They can be stimulated by movement including moving people, bicycles and cars and they are also a breed that may be more prone to compulsive disorders and other stress relieving behaviours if they are anxious.

Who can attend?

Puppies from first vaccine and up to 20 weeks of age.
We keep the class numbers small within each session to ensure that puppies aren’t overwhelmed.
Too many puppies in a class environment can be like teenagers throwing a party whilst mum and dad are away! We work on various activities to help build your relationship with your puppy, whilst they are in a social setting.

What activities do we offer within the session?

  • Settling – teaching you how to start to work on a basic settle
    Focus Activities – teaching your puppies to pay attention to you
  • True habituation – teaching your puppy how to get used to new things
  • Puppy Parkour – this helps with body awareness, builds confidence and trust between handler and puppy
  • Basic scent work

Puppy Parkour and Basic Scent Training

What is Parkour? You navigate your way around equipment teaching your puppy two paws up, four paws on, how to go in things, around things, and under things. 

Parkour is a great activity to build confidence with puppies and dogs of all ages.

It can help them in every day life exploring different surfaces and obstacles when out and about. 

Basic Scent Training

Scent training is a fantastic activity we can work on with our puppies to help them to use their nose to find treats. It is excellent for brain development and for keeping arousal levels lower. Our puppies can often get over-excited, this is a great way to help them to calm

Upcoming Dates and Times

Monday evenings starting from the 11th September at 1800 – 1900

Places are restricted to 4 dogs per class and a maximum of 2 handlers per dog.

Well behaved children are welcome and can be involved with the training, but they must be able to cope with being within the training centre for the duration of the session.

How to Book

Click on the button below to send us an email and we will send you all the details and a registration form. Happy to have a chat with you prior to booking. Please do state on your email if you would like a phone call.

£20 for a 1 hour class. You may book more than one session. Payment is required in advance.

The classes will take place at our training centre, which is located at the back of Road Green Farm, NR15 2NQ

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