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Training Workshops

Our training workshops cover various aspects of training that isn’t covered in our training courses or they may be for additional training to perfect behaviours that are covered in some of our training courses.

The various workshops cover different aspects of training and last for 3 hours.

WORKSHOPS  (Further workshops may be added at a later date)

  • Agility
  • Nose Work
  • Interactive Play Skills with Craig Ogilvie

Agility – Weaving Workshop

Are you looking to perfect your weaves? Why not condense the training in our three hour workshop. To book select the Agility weaving workshop page. Your dogs progression with this training will very much depend on what level your weaves are currently at.

Nose Work

We will teach you how to get your dogs finding food or a toy. It’s a great way to mentally stimulate and tire your dog. We have different levels for you to progress to.

The training is suitable for puppies and dogs of all ages. We currently have three levels

  1. Nose Work 1 – is the basic scent workshop
  2. Nose work 2 – you will learn handling skills and we will make the searches a bit more tricky. (You must have completed nose work 1)
  3. Nose work 3 – you will work your dog on longer searches, hiding scented items in box in a box in a box, this requires teamwork more efficiently & accurately. Postal & bag search.  (You must have completed Nose work 2).

Interactive Play Skills with Craig Ogilvie

We are hosting a number of workshops that will be run by Craig Ogilvie. Interactive Play is fantastic for relationship building, working motivation plus many more positive benefits. Please see the Interactive Play Skills page for further details and to book.


Prices vary – please look at the individual pages for each workshop for prices

To book onto a workshop please complete the basic booking form at the top right hand side of this page

We only use kind and gentle reward based methods in all our training classes. We do not allow the use of choke chains, half choke collars, slip leads, slip collars or non-pull harnesses.

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