Craig Ogilvie – Communicating With Your Stimulated Dog

We are holding another workshop with Craig Ogilvie, Communicating with your stimulated dog.

Craig is uniquely qualified in the U.K as the only person to achieve a Mondioring decoys license and has travelled all over Europe with his sport testing and training dogs from all over the world.

He is also one of the few civilian accredited police dog trainers in the country, a dog behaviour practitioner, the author of the Interactive Play Guide and he is completely in love with helping dogs and people. Travelling all over the country delivering seminars, workshops and talks helping to motivate dog lovers and their dogs to achieve their goals and create their own amazing relationship.

This is a 5 hour workshop.

This workshop is split into two. The first part is theory based and is for approximately 1½ hours. The second part of the workshop is practical and each attendee will have time with Craig on a 1-2-1 basis working with your dog.

The workshop works on:

  • Using motivational techniques and positive reinforcement to learn how to communicate with your dog in a heightened level of stimulation.
  • Overcoming problem behaviours occurring in heightened levels of stimulation for both competitive sport handlers and companion dog owners.
  • Finding you and your dogs stimulated balance.
  • Gaining focus from your stimulated dog.
  • Learning how to work with your dog’s stimulation levels.

Places are restricted to 5 dogs and handlers and 5 spectator places. (Spectator spaces are all full)

The cost is £150 per dog and one handler

The workshop will take place at our training centre located at the back of Road Green Farm Hempnall

If you would like further information and to book please complete the online booking request.

Upcoming Dates & Availability

  • 02 Sep 2018 , 1000 - 1500
    Course Full

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