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Scent Training Workshop Level 1

This training workshop is a great introduction to teach your dog to find cheese or a toy by using its nose. 

It is common belief that dogs need to be walked for hours every day to tire them out – especially the more active breeds. Whilst physical exercise is important to keep a dog fit and healthy, it is equally as important to ensure your dog exercises its brain. This can be done through training.

Did you know dogs possess up to 300 million olfactory receptors in their noses? Putting this into perspective; compared to humans we have about 6 million.

The percentage of the dog’s brain that is devoted to analyzing smells is actually 40 times larger than that of a human!

A dog can be trained to use its sense of smell to help with:

  1. Search and Rescue
  2. Detecting drugs
  3. Finding articles
  4. Detecting cancers
  5. Signalling when someone is having a seizure

If a dogs nose is wet they will pick up more odours. A blood hound has an exceptional sense of smell and their ability to smell is increased by having long ears which drag on the ground releasing more smells as they move.

Dogs exhale out of the side slits of their nose this minimises loss of an odour.

They use different nostrils for different smells. When a new and pleasant or neutral odour is detected the right nostril takes the scent in first and then moves it to the left nostril.

If a dog smells the odour of adrenaline (fear/stress) this will be inhaled by the right nostril and will never make it to the left nostril.

Your dog is continually doing his own scent training.

Nose training is a really great way to mentally stimulate your dog. 10 minutes of scent work is equivalent to a walk for 1 hour. It is an ideal way to work your dog’s brain. All breeds of dog are capable of doing scent work.

During our three hour workshop we will teach you the basic steps of teaching your dog how to find food or a toy.

We allow the dogs to work independently and not instruct them continuously as we would for obedience training. With guidance we can assist the dogs to learn to find things through scent.

The training is suitable for puppies and dogs of all ages. We currently have two levels

  1. Scent Training Level 1 – is the basic scent workshop
  2. Scent Training Level 2 – you will learn handling skills and we will make the searches a bit more tricky. (You must have completed scent level 1)
  3. Scent Training Level 3 – this is an advanced scent workshop where the searches are much more complex. (You must have completed scent level 1 and 2)

Each workshop is for 1½ hours

Cost £30 per dog £10 for each additional handler / spectator.

Vaccinations: All puppies and dogs attending classes must be fully vaccinated and proof of vaccination must be shown at your first class. Should you choose not to vaccinate, a letter stating your dog’s blood titre levels must be presented on headed paper and signed by your veterinary surgeon. If you choose these routes, Paws 4 Training will not be held responsible for any illness your dog may contract whilst training with Paws 4 Training at our training centre. (*Exception puppies attending socialisation course will be accepted after their first vaccination)

We only use kind and gentle methods in our training classes and 1-2-1’s and do not allow the use of choke (check) chains, slip leads or slip collars, half choke (check) collars, non-pull harnesses or flexi leads.

Workshop Times

0930 Sunday 19th January 2019
0930 Sunday 16th February 2020
0930 Sunday 19th April 2020
0930 Sunday 7th June 2020
0930 Sunday 2nd August 2020
0930 Sunday 18th October 2020
0930 Sunday 13th December 2020

*Please note dates may be subject to change 


Additional Handler / Spectator