Following on from the level 1 basic scent training workshop the level 2 workshop will be working on your handling ability in learning a methodical search pattern to work with your dog in finding cheese or a toy. We use small toys that have been infused with catnip. 

The toy motivated dogs love searching for these little toys. 

The searches will be made much harder than the level 1 workshop and there will be multiple searches for each session you have with your dog. 

We use cardboard boxes and other items that are safe for your dogs to search in and around.

All dogs must be friendly with dogs and people.

What you and your dog will learn:

  1. How to adopt a methodical search route
  2. How to progress the training you learnt from level 1 to make the searches harder
  3. Multiple searches within one area
  4. Progressing the searches to find different items

We will show you how to structure your search routes to ensure your dog thoroughly works the search area.

You will start to allow your dog to work more independently by letting them work the search area with less guidance from you. 

Towards the end of the session we will attempt some blind searches for your dogs to find a few items that they haven’t seen before.

Pre-booking is essential through our online booking system.

£18 per dog and 1 handler

Workshops are for 1 hour


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