This training workshop is a great introduction to teach your dog to find cheese or a toy by using its nose. 

It is common belief that dogs need to be walked for hours every day to tire them out – especially the more active breeds. Whilst physical exercise is important to keep a dog fit and healthy, it is equally as important to ensure your dog exercises its brain. This can be done through training

Scent training is a really great way to mentally stimulate your dog. Ten minutes of scent work is equivalent to a walk for 1 hour. It is an ideal way to work your dog’s brain. All breeds of dog are capable of doing scent work.

All dogs must be friendly with dogs and people.

What your dog will learn:

  1. The find cue
  2. How to find a toy or cheese
  3. Basic scent patterns
  4. How to work more independently from handler

Using clicker training we will teach you how to help your dog to understand the “find” cue with a three step process. 

We will then progress the training teaching you how to teach your dog to learn to use their nose to find either a toy or cheese that is hidden in our training centre.

This exercise can be transferred to many different locations in your home.

On completion of this workshop you can then progress your dog’s scent training on with our level 2 workshop.

Workshop Times

Due to COVID-19 we are currently unable to run our Scent workshops.

Please contact us if you are interested in attending a workshop and we can add you to a waiting list and let you know when we will be running these workshops again.

*Please note dates may be subject to change 

Pre-booking is essential through our online booking system.

£30 per dog and 1 handler

£10 per additional handler / spectator spaces

Workshops are for 1½ hours

Brilliant training at the Scent level 1 workshop. I just wanted to say thank you. Both Jack and I enjoyed it and learnt a lot. Julie and Jack the Cockerpoo

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