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Recall workshop

This course is suitable for puppies and dogs who have completed group classes either with us or another trainer.

We will help you perfect your recall

This workshop will take place at Paws In The Paddocks, Hardwick, Norfolk.

All dogs must be friendly with dogs and people.

What your dog will learn:

  1. Focus exercises
  2. Dependable recall
  3. Legs / middle

Using clicker training and working with you and your dog to help you improve your dogs focus and attention on you. Working with you to help you to achieve a dependable recall.

We will adapt your current recall techniques to get the most out of your dogs recall to make them want to come back to you every time.

Workshop Times
1430 Saturday 21st March 2020
1430 Saturday 2nd May 2020
1430 Saturday 27th June 2020
1430 Saturday 19th September 2020
1430 Saturday 14th November 2020
 *Please note dates may be subject to change 

Pre-booking is essential through our online booking system.

£30 per dog and 1 handler

Spaces are restricted to 4 dogs

£10 per additional handler / spectator spaces

Workshops are for 1½ hours

Handler Booking

Additional Handler / Spectator Booking