With a wealth of experience, we are excited to be specialising in 1-2-1 programmes for puppies.

These programmes have been designed to give you personalised training. For puppies we can help you to work on fantastic foundations including life skills. Life skills can include politeness to visitors, going to the pub or cafe, family picnic, etc. 

Helping both novice and experienced owners right from the start to create the perfect relationship between you and your puppy.

Owning a puppy can make owners feel very overwhelmed. Putting people and puppies in a class environment isn’t always the answer especially if you have never owned a puppy or dog before. 

Don’t worry about socialisation; we will teach you the correct way to socialise your puppy.

There is so much more to socialisation than allowing puppies to play. We will give you the information and help to ensure that your puppy is socialised to your world in the correct way.

Paws 4 Training do not deal with dog behavioural issues. 

For any behaviour issues you may be having with your dog please get in touch with Tamasine Smith Leadchanges

What we can help with

We will put together a programme of all the exercises you would like to cover with your puppy. You will be sent links to supporting videos for the exercises that we work on to help you with your training at home.

Examples of what we can cover:

  • Settle on a mat
  • Focus exercises – response to name, eye contact and touch (target training)
  • Bombproof sit
  • Loose lead walking
  • Recall
  • Stay or wait
  • Emergency stop
  • Canine enrichment
  • Socialisation
  • Desensitisation
  • Bite inhibition
  • Prevention of chewing and tugging on clothes and hair etc.
  • How to stop jumping up
  • Leaving items, using distraction techniques
  • Drop or exchange an item
  • Calm meets and greets
  • Free-work
  • The super fun stuff – trick training, scent training, agility and hoopers

Our Methods

The methods we use include clicker training to help teach your puppy a good foundation level of training which will be progressed to working under distraction. 

By using luring and free shaping this will allow your puppy time to think to work out what behaviour we want them to do. We always work at the puppy’s pace.

With over 14 years’ experience professional dog training and a lifetime experience of having dogs, you will be in great hands learning how to lay down excellent foundations for future training.

Each puppy and owner are unique, and we adapt our training to suit the clients we are working with.

We are happy for future clients to visit us at our training centre to come and watch how we work or just have a chat. Please get in touch to organise a convenient time to visit


Daytime Sessions (Daytime sessions only available during term time between 9.30am – 2pm we can offer slightly later in the afternoon by prior arrangement) 

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Fridays

Evening Sessions

Monday, Tuesday and Thursday evenings

Saturday day time is also available

Please refer to our Ts & Cs for timescales for 1-2-1s to be used


Our Programmes

The cost for your sessions includes travel expenses to your home or another suitable location; e.g. an enclosed field. 

What our prices include: 

  1. A tailor-made training programme for your puppy
  2. Ongoing support throughout your training programme
  3. We will give you feedback on a maximum 3 videos per day, 1-2 minutes long
  4. 15 min free q & a by phone or free WhatsApp questions
  5. Access to supporting training videos and documentation to support your training at home
  6. WhatsApp questions free for life. Should you require more input this will be charged per half hour or a full hour for calls or for in-person training.

Family members are welcome to attend the training this will ensure you all receive the training techniques first-hand 

Payment is required before any training commence


Please contact us by clicking on the button below, alternatively please call us on 07709 539903. 

If we aren’t available to answer please leave us a message and we will call you back as soon as we are available to discuss your training requirements and to schedule in your appointments

We look forward to hearing from you and working with you and your puppy.

Training Centre Location

Our training centre is located at the back of Road Green Farm on Bungay Road, NR15 2NQ.

We have plenty of off-road parking. A secure outdoor training paddock and an indoor training centre with toilet facilities.

To find us click on this link which will take you to our contact page where you will find directions Contact – Paws 4 Training

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We look forward to welcoming you

Creating outstanding training in Norfolk by exceeding our customers expectations