Puppy Training Course

Puppy Training Course

Our new puppy training course has been designed to help you lay down a good foundation level of training for your puppy. They are a great building block for your puppy’s training progression and will help with their behaviour and socialisation as they are heading towards adolescence.

The techniques we use for our training are different to many other puppy training classes. We use behaviour based training techniques which are very effective with puppies and teenage dogs.

Our training is reward based. Rewards can be in different forms. Firstly we initially use food and praise. From time to time when it is appropriate we will also use toy play, which can help some puppies to keep engaged with their owner.

Who can attend our puppy training course?

Puppies can attend our puppy training course from when they have had their first vaccination and up until 20 weeks of age. The sooner you start your puppy’s training the better. If puppies have been brought up with their mum and have come from a great background they will carry immunity from their mum until around 15 weeks of age.

We can have up to two people per puppy in the training area working with each puppy. This includes one well-behaved child. We are happy for them to be involved in your puppy’s training. We have a spectator area where other family members can watch the training. You may switch handlers during the class.

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What if my puppy is close to 20 weeks or older?

If your puppy is close to 20 weeks or older it is likely to be too old to join our puppy training course and therefore it will be best for you to have a training assessment with us. This will give us a good idea if we can help with your dog’s training. We will put together a bespoke training plan. 1-2-1 Training Programmes.

We may find from the assessment that you require behavioural support. We recommend Tamasine Smith from Leadchanges Dog Behaviour. Tamasine is a qualified and experienced behaviourist who we work closely with and highly recommend.

Please get in touch to discuss your options Contact – Paws 4 Training

What will be covered within the puppy training course?

  1. How to settle and be calm
  2. Focus exercises
  3. Loose lead walking
  4. Recall
  5. Impulse control

These are just a few of the behaviours that will be covered within the course. 

Other behaviours and activities will be included within the course that will help you with your puppy’s training.

What does the puppy training course include?

  1. Access to training videos and documentation to support your training at home
  2. You can send through 1 progress video per day up to 1 minute long for us to review and provide you with feedback to help you with your training progression
  3. Ongoing support throughout your training course – you just need to drop us a WhatsApp and we will be happy to help
  4. Discount on our 1-2-1 training programmes when they are booked within 2 weeks on completion of the puppy training course to further your dog’s training
As our classes are small you will have a bit more personal input within the sessions than if we had more than 4 pups in each class. This ensures that you receive high-quality training for your puppy!

Upcoming Start Dates

0900 – 0945


1815 – 1900



1000 – 1045
Places are restricted to 4 puppies per class and a maximum of 2 handlers per dog. We have space for spectators


Start dates may be subject to change. From time to time there may be a break within a course. Where possible we will do our best to notify you before the course starts.

How to book and our location

£80 per puppy for a 5-week course. Each class is for 45 minutes.

The classes will take place at our training centre, which is located at the back of Road Green Farm, NR15 2NQ

We have both indoor and outdoor facilities that will be used weather and daylight permitting!

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Click on the button below, you will be taken to an online booking system where you can book your place on the course.

Unsure how to book through this system or would like to speak to us first, please do get in touch Contact – Paws 4 Training

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