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Puppy Clicker Training Course 

(If you would like to start our classes sooner than the dates listed, please call us to discuss as we may have the capacity to fit in further classes)

Our puppy clicker training course runs for 6 weeks and is suitable for puppies from 8 – weeks to 22 weeks. During the course we will cover socialisation, how to cope with everyday problems and distractions, whilst having fun and learning together.

We use clicker training in our classes. Clicker training is an operent conditioning method of training that produces great results. We encourage free-shaping as our method of training so the puppies learn in a kind and gentle way ensuring all dogs are calm and happy whilst they learn.  Treats are used along with the clicker.  A clicker will be provided for you to keep as part of the registration.

What your puppy will learn:

The Training

  1. Focus exercises – including name and touch (target training)
  2. Settle on a mat
  3. Sit
  4. Down
  5. Stay at the end of the lead for 10 seconds
  6. Loose lead walking
  7. Legs or middle
  8. Basic puppy recall (run backs)
  9. Recall off lead

Behaviour Training

  1. Close interaction with other puppies (meet and greet)
  2. Calm handling (up to 5 second touch)
  3. Give, exchange, swap an item; play with special toy, release word – (10 seconds)
  4. Stop jumping up

Problem Solving

  1. Play biting
  2. Toilet training
  3. Crate training
  4. Guarding prevention
  5. Desensitisation

Our classes will give your puppy a really great foundation level of training and will help you progress quickly with any further training you choose to attend with us.

The cost is £75 for a 6 week course. 

Vaccinations: All puppies and dogs attending classes must be fully vaccinated and proof of vaccination must be shown at your first class. Should you choose not to vaccinate, a letter stating your dog’s blood titre levels must be presented on headed paper and signed by your veterinary surgeon. If you choose these routes, Paws 4 Training will not be held responsible for any illness your dog may contract whilst training with Paws 4 Training at our training centre. (*Exception puppies attending socialisation course will be accepted after their first vaccination)

We only use kind and gentle methods in our training classes and 1-2-1’s and do not allow the use of choke (check) chains, slip leads or slip collars, half choke (check) collars, non-pull harnesses or flexi leads.

Our aim is to create an outstanding class to offer our clients with behaviour in mind right from the start.

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Upcoming sessions

Start Date of ClassTime of Class
Saturday 20th July 20190900 - 0945
Saturday 31st August 20190900 - 0945
Saturday 12th October 20190900 - 0945
Saturday 23rd November 20190900 - 0945
Thursday 13th June 20191830 - 1915
Thursday 1st August 20191830 - 1915
Thursday 12th September 20191830 - 1915
Thursday 31st October 20191830 - 1915
Thursday 12th December 20191830 - 1915
Thursday 4th July 20191930 - 2015
Thursday 15th August 20191930 - 2015
Thursday 26th September 20191930 - 2015
Thursday 14th November 20191930 - 2015