Puppy socialisation is a crucial part of your puppy’s life.

It is essential that this is done correctly as early on as possible.

Socialisation should start with the breeder. Ideally the puppies should be brought up in a home environment. They should be familiar with every day noises and early exposure to the comings and goings of a home.

From 16 weeks of age a puppy can start to become fearful of certain things so early exposure to objects, people, animals and vehicles that they will come across in every day life is essential.

Our socialisation class has been designed to help you with your puppy’s early socialisation.

The class is suitable for pups up to 20 weeks of age.

We will show you how to introduce your puppy to new items and experiences.

What you and your puppy will learn:

How To Deal With Common Puppy Problems
  1. Socialisation
  2. Desensitisation
  3. Calm meets and greets
  4. Freework
  5. Handling to prevent biting
  6. Training to prevent biting at clothes
  7. How to stop jumping up
  8. Leaving items using distraction techniques

Course Start Dates


Alternate weeks starting from 6th January 2022

1230 – 1330

(Please note daytime classes are only offered during school term times – There will be no classes during August)


Starting from 10th February 2022

1815 – 1915


Pre-booking is essential through our online booking system

£18 per class

Spaces restricted to 6 puppies and one handler per puppy.

Classes are for 1 hour

All of our classes take place in our training centre which is located at the back of Road Green Farm, Bungay Road, Hempnall. Please see our contacts page for directions 

To book a place on one of our puppy socialisation classes please click on the button below

We first brought Jefferson to Paws 4 Training when he was just 8 weeks old. He was teeny tiny but it was important for us to take him to puppy school as early as possible. He is a boisterous Hungarian Wirehair Vizsla, who is fast growing into a giant! Naomi’s calm teaching methods using positive commands, lots of treats and the clicker have been revolutionary for us, and people we meet often comment on how well Jefferson responds to us. The bond we have with Jefferson has been strengthened by attending classes together. Naomi has taught us to be better, more patient dog owners too, so puppy school isn’t just for dogs!

We will keep attending Paws 4 Training classes as it is a vital part of Jefferson’s socialisation and education. Having graduated from Puppy to Novice, we’re looking forward to seeing Jefferson develop into a smart and obedient dog under Naomi’s careful guidance.

It is clear how much Naomi loves all the dogs she meets, and we’re able to talk about all aspects of “dog life” including raw feeding, dog health and general dog behaviour.

Jefferson absolutely loves his weekly session and we are thrilled to have found such a great trainer with Naomi – Aimee and Joe with Jefferson

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