We have designed a course where we can focus on helping a puppy to reach his or her full potential. We have removed the assessment element of our more traditional classes.

This course is varied and is suitable for puppies who have completed our puppy training or our previous novice or intermediate obedience courses. The course will cover a multitude of  behaviours. We will work at the individual puppy’s pace to help them achieve an exceptional level of training.

If you have completed training with another organisation and would like to join one of our classes you will be required to attend a 30 minute assessment prior to joining. The cost is £30. We will assess your dog’s suitability.

If your dog will be better suited to 1-2-1 training we have training programmes available and these will be discussed with you at the assessment.

All dogs MUST be friendly with dogs and people.

What your dog will learn:

  1. Settle progression
  2. Loose lead walking, on both sides of handler
  3. Active sit and down
  4. Sit, down and stand, increasing distance
  5. Sit and down in motion
  6. Stay
  7. Legs
  8. Recall
  9. Emergency stop
  10. Walking calmly through a gate
  11. Chin
  12. Heelwork off lead
  13. Finish
  14. Come in close
  15. Targeting – transfer to a target
  16. Lay flat
  17. Lean
  18. Muzzle training
  19. Send away

Using clicker training and working with you and your dog to help you progress your training to a good level that will then enable you to continue on further with your obedience training or with other activities that we offer.

By using luring and free-shaping this will help you to achieve the above behaviours with your dog.

Other elements of training will be added to future classes to progress your dogs individual training needs.

Course Start Dates

Enrolment is on a weekly basis

Monday Evening
1830 – 1915 (1 spaces)
1930 – 2015 (Full)

Saturday Morning

1100 – 1145 (1 space)
1200 – 1245 (3 spaces) 

If you would like to be added to a waiting list for one of the courses that is currently full please email me.

(additional courses may be added should the need arise)

*Please be advised class dates and times may be subject to change. Some courses may have a break within the 6 week course. Please check on booking



If you would like to book, please contact us to find out availability. If our classes are showing as full please email us to be added to a waiting list).

£80 for the first 6 week course

£65 for each successive 6 week course

Spaces restricted to 6 dogs and 1 handler per dog.

Classes are for 45 minutes

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