Training Line


The training line is a great accessory to add to your training kit. There are many variations to choose from. Select the size and length most suitable for your size of puppy or dog.

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The Training Line

The training line is a great accessory to add to your dog’s training kit. They are great for allowing your dog freedom whilst you are practising your recall.

The training line will give you peace of mind knowing that your dog can run safely but you can still have hold of them. When you are training in an open area, you can drop the line. The line is easy to pick up or you can stand on the line whilst you are calling your puppy or dog to come back to you.

We do strongly recommend that you practice your recall training with your puppy or dog under no or minimal distractions whilst you are teaching them. There are plenty of secure fields/paddocks that you can hire very cheaply for practising your dog or puppy’s training in a safe environment. The area you use for your recall training doesn’t need to be too big, having a smaller area to practice your recall in can go in your favour. As your puppy or dog progresses their recall training you can add in varying levels of distractions.

The training lines are made from lightweight polypropylene webbing, airweb webbing or cushion webbing and there is a great selection of colours to choose from.

The lightweight polypropylene webbing is available in 19 colours, this is for the 13mm width. We will also add a fleece handle to this line for extra comfort. Ideal for extra small breed dogs and puppies.

The cushion webbing is available in 20 colours and 2 widths; 20mm and 25mm. This line is suitable for small to extra large breeds.

The airweb webbing is available in 28 colour variants and 2 widths; 20mm and 25mm. This webbing is suitable for small to extra large breeds.

Available standard lengths: 6m, 8m and 10m.

We make bespoke products. An example of a bespoke variant for this product: we can put 2 trigger clips onto this product and include D-rings so you can easily alter the length of the line.

If there are variations of this product that you would like, please contact us


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