Recipe Book




There are 30 recipes in this book for you to make and for your dog to enjoy!  When you are training your dog it is important to use high value treats.  The recipes have been tried and tested on many dogs!  My dogs sit patiently waiting whilst I cut the treats up for classes and they get the odd one or two just to try.

Home made treats are healthier for your dog than shop bought treats and biscuits as you know what goes in them.  No additives or preservatives. You can swap the flour for wheat and or gluten free flours using coconut flour, tapioca, potato, cocount or rice flour if your dog is on a wheat free diet.

By baking your own treats and biscuits it works out cheaper than buying as you can use between 100 and 200 training treats in a 45 minute class!  You can cut the treats to the size you want. Or use a silicone mould.

For the biscuit recipes look on ebay and in baking shops for lots of different cookie cutters.

You can spoil your dog on his or her birthdays with the canine birthday cake and muffins!  All the ingredients used are human grade.

The cheese paws are my favourite!