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The medium harness is suitable for some puppies and medium sized adult dogs, for example: Beagles, Border Collies or Bull Terriers

Sizing guide – Chest measurement for a medium harness is between 46cm and 55cm

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This harness has been designed to provide better control when walking your dog, helping your dog to feel more balanced. It is essential that you follow the fitting instructions for this harness to ensure that the harness fits your dog correctly. How To Fit Your 2 Point Harness

There are two points of contact as standard on the harness. One at the top at the back of the harness and the other point is in the centre of the dog’s chest. Both points can be used with a training lead to give you more control. Matching leads are available.

Some harnesses have lots of padding which can restrict the dog’s movement. This style of harness allows the dog to move freely and the harnesses are less bulky ensuring they are comfortable for your dog.

There are 5 points of adjustment on the harness allowing for growth.

If a harness is ordered for a puppy and they outgrow the first part you just need to re-measure your pup and let me know the new measurements and I will be able to make the necessary parts that need to be bigger. If only parts of the underneath section need to be replaced you will need to return your original harness to me – after it has been washed. I can then replace the sections that need to be changed.

If your dog has a fluffy coat and can have their fur clipped during the warmer months if you let me know when you order it if they are in a full coat or clipped coat it will ensure that the harness will fit your dog correctly.

The medium harness is suitable for some puppies and medium-sized adult dogs, for example; Beagles, Border Collies or Bull Terriers

There is a choice of two types of webbing for the small harness, airweb webbing which has a fibre filling to make the webbing slightly thicker or cushion webbing which is slightly thinner with a shiny finish. Both types of webbing are suitable for all dogs. It is just down to the colour preference that you want.

Where to measure your puppy or dog

Maximum chest measurement for a medium harness is 55cm

Centimeters is the preferred unit of measurement


Orders will be made to measure and sent out within 4 weeks of your order being received.

We take every care to ensure the quality and durability of our products and will advise on the correct use. We offer to refund you if you are not satisfied with our product but cannot accept responsibility for any loss or damage caused by using our products.


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Weight .240 kg
Dimensions 45 × 35 × 16 cm

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