House Line


The house line is a useful training aid for your young pup that is safe to use in your home or garden. The line has a small clip and no handle.

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The house line is a great addition to your training kit. It’s ideal when you are allowing your puppy some freedom in your home or exploring the garden. It makes it a little easier to gently get hold of your puppy without grabbing at their collar which can frighten them and make them worried about you getting hold of them

Using a line will give you more control and your puppy a little bit of freedom whilst exploring the garden.

Always ensure that you are with your puppy when they have a houseline attached to their collar or harness.

The line is made from a 13mm lightweight polypropylene webbing and is 3m in length. (The patterned paw print webbing is 10mm wide)

We make bespoke products. If there are variations of this product that you would like, please contact us

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