Clicker Training

We use clicker training for our consultations as it provides the puppy or dog with a clear indicator that they have done the correct behaviour. 

Reward based training will help you to achieve the best results for training your puppy or dog.

By using the clicker this indicates to the puppy that they are doing the correct behaviour so they will offer the behaviour repetitively. When this happens we then add a verbal cue to the behaviour.

When the puppy or dog responds well to the verbal cue we can start to phase out the clicker.

We use free-shaping and luring to achieve the best results.

Toys, play, interaction and verbal praise are also used alongside food in our agility classes and consultations.

Train by the Trainer

1-2-1 Training Consultations

Non-competitive Agility

Training Treats are a crucial part of your puppy or dog’s training. The clicker is paired with treats. A treat is fed after every time you have clicked your clicker.

When you first start training your puppy or dog you will be using lots of treats. When they start achieving the desired behaviour we gradually phase out the treats.

For a one hour class you will need approximately 200 very small treats. 

It’s important to have different value treats. If we look at the treats on a scale; a piece of dried food or a highly processed dried treat is very low value and you will be less likely to motivate your puppy during its training session. A home made treat containing meat, fish or cheese is going to be much higher value.

We have a recipe book for sale on our website.

Alternatively you can use small pieces of cooked meat, fish, cheese or cocktail sausages.

“Nutmeg and I so enjoyed the training sessions with you over the last several months.  Nutmeg has been a much more promising student than her master (who is an old dog not too good with new tricks!).  She has really benefitted from her training and that has made our lives so much easier too”. Terry, Margaret and Nutmeg, Welsh Border Collie


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