A huge thank you to everyone who very kindly supported our dog show. I have been overwhelmed by the amount of money that we have raised.

Your generous donations have accumulated to a whopping £253. 

All of this money will be donated to the Library Fund for the Free School, in Norwich.

All of the class results are below and individuals will be contacted directly. Congratulations to all of the winners.

A huge thank you to the judges – Vicki, Helen, Peter, Kirsty, Jodie, Annabelle, Jo, Kerrie, Marcus, Louise, Elaine

It was a very tough decision trying to decide who the winners were. I had to enlist the help from Rob for the Best in Show and Best in Show Reserve as I knew a lot of the entries. Rob made the final choice as he didn’t know who any of the dogs were.

All of the dogs entered are absolutely stunning and we really do appreciate your support.

I will be in contact with the winners to organise the posting or collection of rosettes.

If you click on the images you will be able to see the full size photo. Due to the different sizes and orientation of the photos it was tricky to have them all displayed easily.

Many many thanks again

The Paws Team

Best In Show - Wesley Cutest Puppy

Wesley (1st place)

Best In Show Reserve - Indie Best Action Shot

Indie 1st place

Cutest Puppy 1st - 6th (Judge - Vicki Utting)

Best Crossbreed 1st - 6th (Judge - Peter Forman)

Prettiest Bitch 1st - 6th (Judge - Jo Andrews)

Best Pedigree Bitch 1st - 6th (Judge - Louise Clarke)

Best Pedigree Dog 1st - 6th (Judge - Elaine Chapman)

Most Handsome Dog 1st - 6th (Judge - Kirsty Oxby)

Best Rescue 1st - 6th (Judge Annabelle Shemming)

Best Action Shot 1st - 6th (Judge - Jodie Mongrubah Forbes)

Best Family Photo 1st - 6th (Judge - Kerrie Fuller)

Funniest dog 1st - 6th (Judge - Marcus Legg)

Fluffiest dog 1st - 6th (Judge - Helen Burton)

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