We offer non-competitive agility training.

The first 6 weeks of your training will cover working on proprioception and obedience that is essential for agility. This greatly improves your dogs ability to progress.

We will introduce some of the equipment during this course. After the initial course the following 6 week courses will continue your agility journey, introducing more complex handling and more equipment.

This course is suitable for dogs who have completed all of our obedience classes.

If you have attended obedience and or agility with another trainer please contact us to organise a 30 minute assessment. This is so we can establish the level of your dogs obedience and or ability and how they react with another dog present. The assessment costs £30.

All dogs MUST be friendly with dogs and people.

What you and your dog will learn:

  1. Proprioception to assist with your dog’s awareness of the position and movement of the body
  2. Perfection of some advanced obedience including stay under distraction
  3. Working your dog on both sides
  4. How to master different agility equipment
  5. Progression with complex handling
All of the above exercises will be achieved over time depending on how quickly the dogs progress.

All of our training is based on positive reward and clicker training. 

We will also be using luring with food on targets or using lotus balls to encourage the dogs to progress their training with the agility equipment

Please see here for more information about the techniques we use. 

Class Availability

Due to popular demand our courses are currently full

If you would like to be added to a waiting list please email us your interest

At this time we are unable to advise when the next course will be available

Spaces restricted to 5 dogs and 1 handler

Classes are for 1 hour

£60 for a 6 week course

Please email us to be added to a waiting list

All dogs must be friendly with dogs and people and have an excellent level of obedience.

The 3 main elements that are expected to a high level are focus on owner, stay or wait and recall

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