Our new Mind, Body and Balance activity classes will be bringing a refreshing new twist to training for your dog.

The aim of these workshops is to increase the bond between you and your dog. The sessions will help your dog to do a bit of problem-solving whilst also helping them and you to think more about your dog’s body.

All of the activities that we will be working on will be adaptable for all ages of dogs from adolescents to senior citizens.

Who can attend?

Dogs from 14 weeks of age and older.

You will have your own enclosed section to work your dog within our training centre to allow for off lead training. 

We keep the attendee numbers small within each session to ensure that clients have plenty of 1-2-1 training within the workshop.

The workshop will also help with correct socialisation for your dog.

What activities will we cover within the session?

Dog Parkour

You will navigate your way around various equipment teaching your dog two paws up, four paws on, how to go in things, around things, and under things. 

Parkour is a great activity to build confidence with dogs of all ages. It can help them in everyday life exploring different surfaces and obstacles when out and about. 

Rally Obedience

You will follow instructions on signs to work on various obedience moves. This is great for polishing up your dog’s general training and we will incorporate more advanced training off-lead.


This is another excellent way to get your dog thinking more about its body. Working on various proprioception exercises that can help with better body movement and control.

Using a variety of equipment, including cavaletti, blocks, and wobble cushions.

Canine Hoopers

We can start to work on the basics for canine hoopers. Teaching your dog to move through the hoops independently. Work around the barrels and we will include some tunnel work. The tunnels for Hoopers are much taller and shorter than those used for agility.

Upcoming Dates and Times

Saturday 0930   Monday 1300
20/01/24            22/01/24
24/02/24            26/02/24
23/03/24            25/03/24
27/04/24               29/04/24
11/05/24               13/05/24
22/06/24               24/06/24
20/07/24               22/07/24
21/09/24               23/09/24
19/10/24               21/10/24
23/11/24               25/11/24
14/12/24               16/12/24

Places are restricted to 4 dogs per class and a maximum of 2 handlers per dog.

How to Book

Click on the button below to send us an email and we will send you all the details and a registration form. We are happy to have a chat with you prior to booking. Please do state on your email if you would like a phone call.

Pre-booking only

£20 per dog each workshop is for an hour.

The workshop will take place at our training centre, which is located at the back of Road Green Farm, NR15 2NQ

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