Loose lead walking is one of the behaviours where owners struggle the most with their puppy or dog

We have two levels for our workshops.

Level 1 – learning the basic techniques, motivation and reward.

Level 2 – progression. Working in a more natural environment.

It is recommended to complete both levels in order for you to progress your dogs training. 

Level 2 can be repeated if you would like to perfect your training. Workshops are adaptable.

All dogs MUST be friendly with dogs and people.

What you and your dog will learn:

Level 1

  1. Motivation – understanding the value of your training treats
  2. Focus exercises
  3. The basic principles for walking on a loose lead
Level 2
  1. Progressing your training
  2. Walking your dog on both sides
  3. Increasing the distractions

Our Techniques

Using clicker training and working with you and your dog to help you progress your training to a good level that will then enable you to continue on further with your obedience training or with other activities that we offer.

By using luring and free-shaping this will help you to achieve the above behaviours with your dog.

Other elements of training will be added to future classes to progress your dogs individual training needs.

Workshop Dates Level 1

Monday Evening 1830 – 1930

21st February 2022
4th April 2022
30th May 2022

Monday Evening 1930 – 2030

14th March 2022
9th May 2022

Thursday Morning 0930 – 1030

3rd February 2022
31st March 2022
26th May 2022
28th July 2022

Thursday Morning 1030 – 1130

10th March 2022
5th May 2022
7th July 2022
22nd September 2022

Please be advised workshop dates and times may be subject to change.


Workshop Dates Level 2

Monday Evening 1830 – 1930

7th March 2022
23rd May 2022

Monday Evening 1930 – 2030

28th March 2022
25th April 2022

Thursday Morning 0930 – 1030

3rd March 2022
28th April 2022
30th June 2022
15th September 2022

Thursday Morning 1030 – 1130

24th March 2022
19th May 2022
21st July 2022

Pre-booking is essential through our online booking system

£18 per dog

Spaces restricted to 5 dogs and 1 handler per dog.

One additional handler or spectator are permitted for each dog.

Workshops are for one hour.

All of our workshops take place in our training centre which is located at the back of Road Green Farm, Bungay Road, Hempnall. Please see our contacts page for directions 


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