This course will help you to teach your dog how to walk nicely on a loose lead.

If you are frustrated with your dog walking you rather than you walking them, then this workshop will help you to teach your dog how to walk better on the lead.

All dogs must be friendly with dogs and people.

  1. What your dog will learn:
  1. Focus exercises crucial for loose lead walking
  2. Loose lead walking position
  3. The value of rewards 
  4. Which rewards to use and when
  5. How you can use your environment as a reward.

    We will work with you to help you to succeed in teaching your puppy or dog to walk on a loose lead

All of our training is based on positive reward and clicker training. 

We will use these techniques whilst under distraction and also use luring and free-shaping to help you achieve the above behaviours with your dog. 

Please see here for more information about the techniques we use. 

Our training is based around using plenty of rewards. This includes treats, toys, praise and the environment.

Course Start Dates

Monday Mornings @ 1100 – 1200
12th September 2022

Thursday Evenings @ 1830 – 1930 

1st September 2022
22nd September 2022


Pre-booking is essential through our online booking system.

£45 per dog and 1 handler

Courses run for 3 x 1 hour sessions

Please be advised there will be a price increase from 1st October

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