6 Week Clicker Training Course

The junior dog clicker training course has been designed to help you with your adolescent dog.

Our classes will give your dog a great start to their training and will help you progress quickly with any further training you choose to attend with us.

This 6-week course is suitable for dogs from 6 months of age. We welcome older dogs who are friendly with other dogs and people.

The dates listed below are start dates, courses run for 6 consecutive weeks. (There may be times when there are breaks within the 6-week course due to holidays)

You will be given a clicker as part of your registration fee. Please click on this link to read my blog about the importance of the value of your training treats.

All dogs must be friendly with other dogs and people. 

We do not deal with behavioural problems within our classes.

What you and your dog will learn:

The Training
  1. Settle on a mat
  2. Focus exercises – response to name, eye contact and touch (target training)
  3. Stay in Sit
  4. Loose lead walking
  5. Recall

Behaviour Training

  1. Basic chin exercise to assist with calm handling
  2. How to stop jumping up
  3. Leave using distraction
  4. Drop or exchange an item
The 6th week of the course we will introduce the dogs to scent training

Our training methods use clicker training to help you teach your puppy a good foundation level of training which will be progressed to working under distraction. 

By using luring and free-shaping this will help you to achieve the above behaviours with your dog.

Click here to find out more about clicker training

Once your booking has been received. Prior to starting your course you will be given access to our Members Area on our website where you will have access to supporting documentation for your course.

Please take the time to read the documentation that is advised in your confirmation email prior to attending your training course as this will ensure that you are prepared before you start training with us and we have plenty of time for training in the class.

We welcome any questions you may have after reading the documentation via email or a phone call.

Course Start Dates


1815 – 1915
8th November 2021 (6 spaces)

2015 – 2115
13th September 2021 (2 spaces)


1215 – 1315

16th September 2021 (3 spaces)
11th November 2021 (6 spaces)

We are closed bank holidays

There may be times when there are breaks within the 6-week course due to holidays

Start dates may be subject to change

Pre-booking is essential through our online booking system

£95 for 6 weeks

Spaces restricted to 6 dogs and up to two handlers per dog. 

Classes are for 1 hour.

All of our classes take place in our training centre which is located at the back of Road Green Farm, Bungay Road, Hempnall. Please see our contacts page for directions 

To book a place on one of our junior clicker training courses please click on the button below

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