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I often get asked the same questions in emails so thought I’d make it easy for everyone who is enquiring about classes


Q1. When can I start?

A1. As soon as your puppy has had its final vaccination – there are no start dates. At busier times you may need to wait a week until you start or start on another day then transfer to your preferred day and time.

Q2. When do classes take place?

A2. All our class information is on the Puppy Training page follow the link from the classes page https://paws4training.net/services/puppy-training-behaviour-based-clicker-training-classes/



Q1. Can we just turn up to the class we want to attend?

A1. No. Unfortunately not. We need you to register with us for all of our classes. Your booking will be confirmed once payment has been received.

Q2. Can we pay at the first class?

A2. We request payment by bank transfer which will guarantee your place. On rare occasions we can accept cash but this must be agreed before starting.

Q3. Where do the classes take place?

A3. At our training centre located approximately 1 mile from Hempnall village, 10 miles from the outskirts of Norwich.

Q4. Can more than one of us attend the training?

A4. Yes we are happy for others to attend the training with you. This ensures consistency. We do ask for there to only be one handler at a time and you can switch part way through or take it in turns each week.

Q5, Can our child(ren) attend and be involved?

A5. Yes. We are happy for well behaved children to attend and take part in the training or wait quietly in the spectator area with an adult. (all children under the age of 17 must be accompanied by an adult)

Q6. I work shifts can I switch classes?

A6. Yes we are happy for you to switch classes we just need you to give us as much notice as possible so we can accommodate you. It is easier to switch puppy classes as these are much more flexible. Sometimes our obedience classes run in parallel so you can switch. Just ask on booking and let us know what dates you are unable to attend and we will do our best to accommodate your working pattern.

Q7. Can we come and watch a class before we book?

A7. Yes we are very happy for you to spectate a class(es) please contact us to arrange a convenient time.

Q8. My bitch has come into season what should I do?

A8. Please contact us to let us know. We don’t allow bitches in season at our training centre. We will transfer you to the next course with availability at no extra charge for the remaining classes from your course.

Q9. My puppy or dog has been sick or has been unwell can we still come?

A9, We would prefer if you didn’t bring unwell dogs as it isn’t fair on them to be worked when they are feeling under the weather. If we can, we will offer you an alternative class to attend so you can catch up on your training. If this isn’t possible we will go over what you missed in the next class you attend.

Q10. My dog can be reactive aggressive towards other dogs and people can we still bring him/her

A10. Unfortunately not. This is because it is unlikely to be the best environment for your dog to learn and can cause more stress. We will put you in contact with a behaviourist who will be able to offer you help in resolving the problems you may be experiencing. (Please see our businesses we recommend page for behaviourists we recommend)

Q11. What do we need to bring to class


  1. A flat bed (vet bed or similar is ideal)
  2. Approximately 200 very high value small treats about the size of a pea
  3. Treat bag
  4. A frozen Kong (to help your puppy or dog settle in the class)
  5. Poo bags

Q12. What should my puppy or dog be wearing?

A12. A flat collar and a training lead or standard lead or a harness and  training lead or standard lead.

We do not allow the use of choke chains, half choke collars – even if on a safety clip, slip leads or slip collars or non-pull harnesses. We do not like clients to use flexi leads in our training classes as they are hard to hold whist training as you will need to be able to hold your clicker and lead in the same hand, you also wont have much control if using one.

We promote and make harnesses to measure with leads and collars to match. Please see our online shop


Q1. When do classes start?

A1. Classes start approximately every 7 weeks (dependent on if there are bank holidays) All the start dates for our classes are on our website. Visit our classes page and select the course you would like to attend.

Q2. I’ve not done any formal training with my dog or puppy which class is most suitable?

A2. Our Foundation obedience course is suitable for puppies from 5½ months and dogs of any age

Q3. I’ve done puppy classes somewhere else which class will be suitable for my puppy or dog?

A4. This very much depends on what you covered in class. All the class content is listed on each course on our website. Take a look and if you have done all of the content then look at the next level. The courses are as follows: Puppy Training (Pups can start from 10 – 22 weeks, the sooner the better) Foundation Obedience, suitable for dogs who haven’t done our puppy training or have done very little or no structured training. We can take dogs of any age. Novice Obedience is suitable for puppies from 5½ months and older who have completed our puppy training. Or if you have completed training somewhere else and this is at the same level as our puppy training. The Intermediate course is suitable for puppies and dogs who have complete our Novice course or similar training elsewhere.


Q1. When is your next training course starting?

A2. We may be offering an 8.30 p.m. beginners agility class in the summer. Please keep an eye on our website or subscribe to our newsletter for notification of when our next course is starting.

Q2. Who is the training suitable for?

A2. Puppies and dogs from 6 months of age who have completed Novice Obedience (or equivalent elsewhere)

Q3. Do you offer competition level training?

A4. No. All our classes are for pet dogs and for people who just want something else to do with their dog. We can recommend competitive agility clubs for you to train at if you would like to compete.

Q5. Can children take part in the training?

A5. Yes. Well behaved children are welcome to train their puppy/dog in all of our classes. All children under the age of 17 MUST be accompanied by an adult who must be present in the training centre AT ALL TIMES.


Q1. Who is Hoopers suitable for?

A1. Canine Hoopers is suitable for puppies and dogs who have completed our Novice obedience (or equivalent elsewhere)

Please see the classes page for more information about Hoopers.

Training Workshops

Q1. Who are workshops suitable for?

A1. We offer a variety of training workshops and depending on what they are will depend which will be suitable for your puppy or dog.

The following workshops require a good level of obedience:

  • Agility
  • Canine Hoopers

1-2-1 Training and Behaviour Consultations

Q1. Do you offer 1-2-1 training?

A1. Due to the number of training classes and workshops we offer it can be hard for us to fit 1-2-1 training sessions in. However, they can be booked on request. Please ask. If we are unable to offer at a time convenient for you we will recommend someone who may be able to see you sooner.

Q2. Do you offer beahvioural consultations? I’m having problems with my puppy/dog (aggression/reactivity, barking, separation anxiety etc.)

A2. No. We can refer you to an experienced qualified behaviourist who will work with you on a behaviour modification program. (Please see our businesses we recommend page for details of three behaviourists we recommend: Katey Aldred, Kathy Berner and Craig Ogilvie. All of these behaviourists only use modern reward based training.