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Match to sample is a concept exercise that teaches your dog to look at an item and then pick up the same matching item out from amongst other items. This item is matched visually by the dog on shape without prompting from the handler. Take a look at this video for an example.

You will learn an advanced concept training exercise and how to build a chain of behaviours including indication and stationing. By the end of the workshop you will achieve understanding the elements needed to match to sample and how to continue to progress it.

This is a great exercise to undertake to enhance your training skills and knowledge.

Your dog will enhance their cognitive skills which is great mental stimulation. This is a suitable exercise for any dogs that cannot undertake disciplines that involve a lot of movement, and for dogs that need to learn to do more static work.

This is a 2½ hour workshop which will be delivered by Katey Aldred from Pooch Paws.

The cost of the workshop is £40 per dog and 1 handler. Spectators £10 per person

To book visit:  https://paws4training.net/services/match-to-sample-beginners-training-concept-training/