Influences When Choosing a Puppy

Choosing the right puppy for your circumstances is absolutely crucial. It is very easy to get this wrong.

There is so much information available on the internet so it is easy to find out which breed would be most suited to what you are looking for.

There will always be certain influences when we are choosing a puppy.

  1. Family and friends that may have a specific breed and you have fallen in love with their puppy or dog and want one just like that dog. 
  2. The dog you had growing up 
  3. You’ve seen one on the television and want one just like that

We will always go on the appearance of the dog first and foremost when choosing a pet. It’s slightly different if we are looking for a sports or assistance dog.

Important things to consider when you are choosing a puppy

  1. Size when fully grown. Do you have space at home?
  2. Coat – do you want a hypoallergenic dog, a hairy dog or a dog with a short coat?
  3. Do you have time for grooming?
  4. Can you afford to have your dog groomed every 4 – 6 weeks to prevent their coat from matting?
  5. Energy level – How active is the breed you are looking at?
  6. Exercise – how active are you? 
  7. Time – how much time can you give up to exercise a dog?
  8. Training – how much time can you dedicate to training?
  9. The cost? Ongoing expenses, vet bills, insurance, accessories, food, boarding, day care, grooming etc

Choosing the Right Breed

This is the most important decision you will need to make.

What size dog do you want? Miniature, small, medium, large or giant breed?

This might be obvious to some people, however, not all. You must consider your size of home and garden. If you live in a flat that is 20 stories up its going to be hard work toilet training a Bernese Mountain Dog if the apartment block doesn’t have a lift! A miniature dog would be far easier carrying up and down the stairs.

Energy level? Can you put enough time in to mentally and physically stimulate a high energy puppy or dog? Border Collie, German Shepherd, Working Cocker Spaniel. Hungarian Vizsla or a crossbreed – Cockerpoo or Labradoodle for example? 

When puppies and dogs become bored they can develop unwanted behaviours: barking, whining chewing and toileting. These can all be related to a form of stress.  

If you want to take up agility or flyball. Many dogs are suitable and really enjoy it from small breeds to large.

Do lots of research on the breed. Even if its a cross breed that you want you can look at the individual breeds that are within the breed of puppy that you are considering as the pup would have traits from both breeds.

Poodle crosses are extremely popular. Due to the misconception that if a dog who sheds their coat is crossed with a poodle they won’t shed and will automatically be a hypoallergenic dog. This isn’t always the case. Tests have been done on some breeds to prove this. A litter of 5 poodle crosses may only have 2 out of the 5 who are hypoallergenic. The coats will be completely different within a litter of pups.

Training - When to start?

Training should start from when you bring your puppy home at about 8 weeks of age.

Some of it will happen naturally and you will not even think that you are training. Toilet training for example. We start by teaching our pups that they toilet outside through positive reinforcement.

It is incredible what a young puppy will learn when it is taught in the correct way. Using positive reinforcement for example clicker training you can teach your pup no end of different things. You don’t need to wait until they are fully vaccinated or 6 months of age as some people believe.

The sooner positive training is introduced and you start teaching your pup that all the good things have a great outcome; food, play and praise your pup will be keen to try and learn new things.

Still unsure of what breed will be suitable?

We can give you lots more advice to help you to make the right decision in choosing the right breed for your situation.

A dogs lifespan can range up to 20 years depending on the breed.

It is a long time to commit to an animal who will rely on you for everything.

Ensuring that you choose the right breed is essential.

Have a look at our guide to finding the right breeder.


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Discounts will be offered for any multiple sessions that are booked.

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