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Holiday Activities for Children and their Dogs

We have designed some fun activities for your children to take part in with their dog.

Positive fun training helps to create an amazing bond between a child and their furry friend!

When you have a puppy or dog in your family it is so important to teach the children how to interact in the best possible way with them. 

By teaching them to be kind and gentle with them is so important. Understanding what is an acceptable way to behave with your dog. 

Training is a great activity for children to do with the dog to help them understand how dogs learn and what they like to do. We will help your child to understand the best way to achieve great things with your dog safely.

We have a variety of activities to choose from that will be running throughout the summer holidays.

Dog and Child Safety

In this activity, we will look at safe ways for children to handle your dog.

Teach you all some basic body language so you can be aware of what your dog is trying to communicate to you.

How to play and interact with them safely.

Teach them a trick or two

This one hour lesson costs £15 per dog

Maximum 6 dogs per course


Bring your children along to have a go at some agility.

We’ll set up a short tunnel and some jumps in a simple course for your child to run your dog round.

Agility is a fun activity and will help your child(ren’s) and dog’s confidence in running together and working as a team. Using treats and toys to encourage the dogs over and through the equipment.

This one-hour lesson costs £15 per dog.

Maximum 6 dogs per course


Trick Training

Trick training is a really fun activity that your children can really impress family and friends with

Want to teach your dog to give paw, high five, roll over or spin? 

The tricks we can teach them are endless.

Let your child have a think about what they would like to work on before attending the class. If its a simple trick they could work on 2 or three things and then practice to perfect at home. Or come back for another session to progress the trick or work on something new.

This one hour lesson costs £15 per dog

Maximum 6 dogs per course

Scent Training

Scent training is a great activity for everyone to be involved in and it is the perfect way for tiring out active dogs.

This low-impact activity is ideal for puppies and dogs of all ages and can be done inside or outside.

Dogs’ noses possess up to 300 million olfactory receptors! To put this into perspective we possess around 5 million! Dogs are trained for many different jobs where they use their noses. Drug detection, firearm detection, search and rescue, finding articles, detecting cancers and more recently have been used to detect COVID-19.

10 minutes of scent work is equivalent to a one-hour walk.

We can teach our dogs to find cheese, sprats or toys in our sessions.

This one-hour session costs £15 per dog

Maximum 6 dogs per course

Our Training Techniques

We only use reward based training in all of our classes. We use high value treats and sometimes toys to motivate the puppies and dogs to work with us.

Our training classes will improve the relationship that you and your children have with your puppy or dog.

Some of our sessions we can use a clicker. This can be especially useful in our trick training classes for shaping the beahviours. We use luring and free-shaping to help our dogs to achieve the behaviours that we are training.


Dog and Child Safety

Monday 1st August 1430 – 1530
Tuesday 9th August 1100 – 1200
Wednesday 17th August 1430 – 1530
Thursday 25th August 1000 – 1100



Tuesday 2nd August 1100 – 1200
Wednesday 10th August 1430 – 1530
Thursday 18th August 1100 – 1200
Monday 22nd August 1000 – 1100 

Trick Training

Wednesday 3rd August 1430 – 1530
Thursday 11th August 1100 – 1200
Monday 15th August 1430 – 1530
Tuesday 23rd August 1000 – 1100

Scent Training

Thursday 4th August 1100 – 1200
Monday 8th August 1430 – 1530
Tuesday 16th August 1100 – 1200
Wednesday 24th August 1000 – 1100

How to book and training location

To book a place on one of our classes click on the button within the class description where you will be taken to a secure external booking system. 

Pre-booking is essential and will guarantee your place. Courses are non-transferrable. 

Once you have booked you will receive a confirmation email which will contain a list of what you will need to bring with you.

Spaces are restricted to 6 dogs per class. We allow more than one handler per dog. If you have more than one child the children can take turns. Adults can also assist with the younger children. These classes are suitable for children who are 6 years and older.

Our training centre is located at the back of Road Green Farm, Bungay Road, Hempnall. Please see our contact page for a map and directions.

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