Canine Hoopers

What is Canine Hoopers?

Canine Hoopers was started in America and provides low impact courses using a plastic frame that has a hoop for the dogs to run through.

Barrels are used to provide a change in direction for the dogs.

Tunnels are also used but these are shorter and bigger than those used for agility and are always kept straight.

The courses comprise a TANGO mat – Touch and go. Which the dogs learn to run on. 

Canine Hoopers is ideal for puppies, older dogs and large breeds who need a low impact activity.

What you and your dog will learn:

  1. Basic flat work exercises to help with your Hoopers training
  2. Introduction to the hoops
  3. Introduction to the barrel
  4. Introduction to the tunnel
  5. Introduction to the TANGO mat
  6. Progression on to simple courses
  7. Distance handling
After you have completed your first 6 weeks you will be able to continue on with your training to progress your Hoopers training.

Our methods

All of our training is based on positive reward-based training. We will be using a combination of high-value treats and toys. Lotus balls and tuggy toys are essential for Canine Hoopers as it helps your dog to progress their distance from the handler. 

We sometimes have the toys available to purchase in the training centre, or we will advise you where you can purchase these from.

Please see here for more information about the techniques we use in our classes. 

As this is a low-impact sport it is suitable for puppies and older dogs.

1-2-1 Canine Hoopers training Costs

A half hour taster session costs £25

6 x 30 minute training sessions cost £150.

The dates for the sessions will be agreed upon booking.

Payment is required in full prior to the course starting.

We have availability during the day in term time and evenings all year round.

Terms and conditions apply.

How to book

Please send an email to find out further information and to book your taster session.

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