Canine Hoopers - Workshops

Canine Hoopers was started in America and provides low impact courses using a plastic frame that has a hoop for the dogs to run through.

Barrels are used to provide a change in direction for the dogs.

Tunnels are also used but these are shorter and bigger than those used for agility and are always kept straight.

Canine Hoopers is ideal for puppies and older dogs who need a low impact activity.

All dogs must be friendly with people and dogs and have a good level of obedience and able to work under distractions.

What you and your dog will learn:

Level 1
  1. Basic flat work exercises to help with your Hoopers training
  2. Introduction to the hoops
  3. Introduction to the barrel
  4. Introduction to the tunnel

Level 2

  1. Increasing distance from the equipment
  2. Running simple courses 

Workshop Dates

Level 1

1000 – 1130
17th September 2021 (2 spaces) 
15th October 2021 (6 spaces)

Level 2

1000 – 1130
12th November 2021 (6 spaces)
14th January 2022 (6 spaces)


Dates may be subject to change

Pre-booking is essential through our online booking system

£35 for 1 dog and handler

Spaces restricted to 6 dogs

Workshops are for 1½ hours

All of our workshops take place in our training centre which is located at the back of Road Green Farm, Bungay Road, Hempnall.

To book a place on one of our Canine Hoopers Training Workshops please click on the button below

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