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Canine Hoopers Workshop

Canine Hoopers is a low-impact sport suitable for puppies and dogs of all ages. There are no jumps in Hoopers. Instead ground level hoops are used along with tunnels and barrels. The tunnels are bigger than the ones used in agility which means that giant breed dogs will find it easier taking part in this sport.

These workshops  are suitable for dogs who have completed novice obedience with us and are looking to do another activity with their dog.

All dogs must be friendly with dogs and people.

What your dog will learn:

Course 1

  1. How to teach your dog left, right and go cues
  2. Front and rear crosses
  3. How to go through the hoops independently
  4. Introduction to the barrel
  5. Tunnel

Course 2

  1. Progressing the hoops increasing distance
  2. Progressing the barrel – encouraging independence for the dog’s approach
  3. Introduction to courses

Using clicker training and working with you and your dog teaching you how to progress your Canine Hoopers training from the introductory course.

By using luring and freeshaping this will help you to achieve the above with your dog.

Class Times

Course 1
1430 Saturday 8th February 2020
1430 Saturday 25th April 2020
1430 Saturday 27th June 2020
1430 Saturday 15th August 2020
1430 Saturday 24th October 2020
1430 Saturday 12th December 2020

Course 2
1600 Saturday 25th April 2020
1600 Saturday 27th June 2020
1600 Saturday 15th August 2020
1600 Saturday 24th October 2020
1600 Saturday 12th December 2020

 *Please note dates may be subject to change 

Pre-booking is essential through our online booking system.

£30 per dog and 1 handler

£10 per additional handler / spectator spaces

Workshops are for 1½ hours

Naomi is an Accredited Canine Hoopers UK Instructor.

To book:


Additional Handler / Spectator