Canine Enrichment Seminar 2019-02-22T16:30:40+01:00

Canine enrichment is a very important part of your puppy or dogs life. All puppies and dogs are very intelligent and if we don’t help them to use their brains this can lead to boredom which can lead to them being destructive or unhappy.

Puppies shouldn’t have too much physical exercise whilst they are growing. So how do you keep them occupied without over exercising them to make them tired?

We need to work their brains.

Dogs of any age can benefit from canine enrichment. You probably already do some form of canine enrichment with your dog without realising.

During this seminar we will discuss the benefits of canine enrichment and what sorts of low impact activities you can do with your puppy or dog to stimulate their brains.

This workshop will be done without dogs so we will be able to accommodate up to 20 people.

The seminar costs £10 per person for 1½ hours.

Prior to the canine enrichment seminar we are running a puppy seminar which will be really useful for all new puppy owners. You will receive a promotional code for 10% discount on the second seminar once you have booked one of the seminars.


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