We are now offering after school classes which are for children and adults to take part with your furry friend.

Does your child love your family dog and want to do more training with them? Are you looking for a late afternoon class to attend with your dog to keep your evening free? Then these after school classes are ideal. We have 2 to choose from. Agility and Canine Hoopers.

These classes are suitable for children from the age of 8 and over. All children must be accompanied by an adult. 

Don’t worry if you don’t have children but want to attend an earlier class you are welcome to join us!

Suitable for dogs from 1 year and over who have a good level of obedience. This includes: focus on handler, stay or wait and recall.

All dogs MUST be friendly with dogs and people and not bark excessively during a class environment. 

Fun Agility Classes

The first 6 week course comprises of some obedience essential for agility and proprioception exercises that will help with your dogs progress for agility. We will then be working on jumping and tunnel sequences. There are so many ways for a dog to jump in agility incorporating different handling skills. 

As your training progresses through the courses that we run we will add in weaving and the contact equipment.

We wont make things too tricky! All our training is adapted to the individuals learning ability – this also includes the dog! 

First 6 week course costs £80
Second 6 week course costs £70
Follow on courses costs £65

Canine Hoopers

Canine Hoopers is a low impact sport that gets you working at improving your distance handling with your dog and building your relationship with them.

We use a combination of hoops, tunnels, barrels and a TANGO mat for the dogs to work on.

These 6 week sessions will teach you the basics for the sport and we will progress on to running different courses. The children can even get involved in designing their own course!

6 week course costs £70

All of our training is based on positive reward based training. We will be using a combination of high value treats and toys. Lotus balls and tuggy toys are essential for agility. As it helps your dog to progress their distance from the handler. 

Toys are available to purchase from the training centre.

Please see here for more information about the techniques we use in our classes. 

Spaces restricted to 5 dogs per class

All children attending must be well-behaved and aged 8 and over and be accompanied by an adult.

Classes are for 1 hour

Start Dates


Wednesday 7th September 2022 @ 1630 – 1730

Canine Hoopers

Thursday 8th September 2022 @ 1630 – 1730


Our courses generally run through for 6 consecutive weeks, however, there may be times that there are breaks within 6 week courses

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