With a large selection of harnesses leads and collars on the market. Buying the correct equipment for your puppy or dog is difficult.

The important things to consider is the fit and the purpose.

A car harness should be made out of wider webbing and will often have additional padding and will come with an attachment that can be plugged into a seatbelt clip.

A walking harness should have 2 points of contact and should fit the dog at the base of the neck and around the deepest part of the chest. There should be straps to adjust the harness to ensure that it fits the puppy or dog correctly.

A lot of harnesses that are sold for every day use have too much padding. This can make the harness bulky which restricts the dogs movement, especially if the front strap fits across the chest of the dog rather than going down the middle from the neck. 

Some harnesses do up at the top and have one point of contact which creates a pendulum effect and you wont have much control. Dogs have been known to come out of these types of harnesses

Some have to go over the head and if the puppy or dog have a wide head and a narrow neck these harnesses are very difficult to put on and can cause some dogs stress. I have seen clients have to cut the harness to remove them from their puppy as they just cannot remove them easily.

Another type of harness that doesn’t offer much control and can cause some discomfort to a dog is called a non-pull harness. The straps are thin and although they have additional fleece they don’t offer much protection and they wont stop a dog from pulling. Rather than teaching a dog to walk correctly, it will restrict movement through using pressure and tightening as the dog pulls against it so it will have the opposite effect.

I have been making harnesses for over 9 years and these have evolved and improved over time.

My harnesses are bespoke to each individual puppy or dog.

I have a large selection of colours and use two different types of webbing for the small to extra large harnesses. I use a thinner lightweight webbing for the miniature harnesses.

The harness works well with a training lead that will match the harness.

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