Rally Obedience

Rally Obedience was introduced in the USA just over 10 years ago by Charles Kramer.
It’s still not particularly well known in some parts of the country.
A team, consisting of the handler and dog, complete a group of exercises combined to form a course. We will have stations set up within the training centre for you to work on with your dog you will rotate round the stations then we will start to put courses together.
As with all our training we will not be doing this to competition level, it will be a way for you and your dog to continue building on your relationship and to improve your dog’s obedience.
It’s ideal for dogs and owners to continue their obedience especially if Agility or Flyball isn’t an option for you and your dog. Obedience is great for relationship building and of course control.
Each course is for 6 weeks, classes are for 45 minutes. The cost of the course is £60 per dog.

Payment is required in advance by bank transfer to guarantee your place. (We are unable to accept cheques)

Proof of vaccination is required for all our classes. (Whilst we request that all puppies and dogs attending classes are fully vaccinated, it is your decision to choose whether or not to re-vaccinate annually. Should you decide not to re-vaccinate your dog annually Paws 4 Training is not liable for any illnesses your dog may contract whilst training at our training centre).

We only use kind and gentle methods in our classes and we do not allow the use of choke (check) chains, Slip leads or collars or half choke (check) collars or shock or spray collars.

As with all our training we will encourage you to use a clicker and plenty of food rewards.

To book email: info@paws4training.net

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