Dog Fun Day – 13th April 2014

We held our second Dog Fun Day on Sunday 13th April and what a success it was.  We had a beautiful sunny day.  A selection of great stalls selling a variety of different things.

We estimated there were approximately 250 people who made the effort to come out to our event.

Rebecca Wallace was looking after the have-a-go agility with her young helper Holly and she took just under 60 people round the course! New clients have signed up for classes and they will be starting in a couple of weeks.

Sophie Britch was taking care of the Rally Obedience and we had a number of people take part round the obedience course which was held outside.

Marcus Legg was taking some action shots of dogs running and jumping.  Some of which are amongst the photos from the day.

The fun dog show was a huge success and I have listed the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners below!

We held a raffle and tombola and had a fantastic selection of prizes and we raised £119 for Yellow Dog UK ( Yellow dog are a fantastic charity who Paws 4 Training sponsor and continue to raise funds for at our events and shows that we take part in.  They raise awareness for dogs that need space.  Look out for their yellow, ribbons, bandanas and vests!

I would like to say a huge thank you to all my helpers:

Rob Farrow for his constructing of things that we needed for the day, general help in setting up and clearing away after the event and for all his support.  To his mum and dad Linda and Bernie for their contribution of amazing sausage rolls – (which I hear there weren’t enough of!) victoria sponge and all their help during the day running the raffle and tombola and helping out on my stall and helping to clear up!  Rebecca Wallace for her fantastic job of taking care of the have-a-go agility and having the difficult job of being the judge of the fun dog show and for her continued support in agility classes and for her amazing cakes!  To Sophie Britch for helping to get set up the day before, running the Rally obedience and helping to clear up after the event and not forgetting her amazing cup cakes!  To Marcus Legg for his superb photography and continued support.  To Sue Kewley for her help on the stall and looking after my two boys and for all her help, wisdom and continued support.  Jan Duncan and Nicola Dorks for running an excellent tea and cake stall.  Holly Dorks for her superb chocolate cakes and for helping Rebecca to look after the have-a-go agility.  Helen Burton for doing an excellent job on helping me on my stall. Thank you to Emily Nudd who helps with all my marketing.

A big thank you goes to my agility demo team:  Wendy & Maezee, Sue & Lucy, Gill & Flora, Holly & Misty, Beth & Flossie, Elaine & Charlie, Rebecca & Jazz, Karen & Lily, Sue & Dylan

Of course thank you to all my clients who spread the word about our event and continue to support me and recommend me to their friends, families and colleagues.

We will be holding another event in September so keep your eyes peeled for the date on our events page.

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