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Naomi, Paws 4 Training is now working alongside Sue Kewley, an Animal Behaviour Practitioner with over 25 years of experience in animal training and behaviour. Sue is a member of the APDT and holds an Advanced Diploma in the Practical Aspects of Companion Animal Behaviour and Training (COAPE ), and is a Practitioner level member of the CAPBT.

Our aim is to create an outstanding class to offer our clients with behaviour in mind right from the start.

The Life Skills puppy classes have been developed with an emphasis on preventing common behaviour problems and helping your dog to take responsibility for being well behaved.  Ideally these skills are incorporated into daily life so time spent training your dog is reduced.  This will of course take consistency and commitment from you as an owner, but once the habits of interacting are established it will become a natural way of living with your dog.

There are ten Life Skills listed which cover all the aspects of a dog’s life.  The 8 week course will help you to understand the concepts, learn the skills and work out how to integrate them into your lifestyle.  The Life Skills have been phrased from the perspective of the dog to emphasise at all times that this is what the puppy is learning to put into practice, not what we are training him to do.

I can listen
I can focus
I can be calm
I know the rules
I like to be touched
I have good manners
I’m allowed to be a dog
I have self control
I can tolerate frustration
I can make the right choice

What your puppy will learn:

Loose lead walking
Being handled
Interaction with other puppies
Play with owner

The life skills training is split into two phases as its essential to start your puppy’s training off as soon as possible.

Phase 1 – is a 4 week course.  Enrolment is on a weekly basis.  You can start as soon as your puppy has been fully vaccinated.  Classes are held on a Monday – 6.30 pm, Tuesday – 10.00 am and a Saturday.  9.00am.

Phase 2 – Is a 4 week course which runs every 5 weeks.  Start dates for phase 2 are listed to the right.  You need to attend 4 consecutive weeks.

Proof of vaccination is required at the first class.


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