Pooch’s Hand-made Dog Biscuits Photo Shoot

A week ago I had the pleasure of taking Xena my Springer cross Cocker spaniel to the Norfolk Pet Photography Studio in Tunstead to be photographed by Phil Barnes and John Harris for Pooch’s Hand-made dog biscuits.

Xena was awesome and performed perfectly, she was very patient and loved trying all the different flavours of biscuits.  Phil and John got some fantastic photos of her which really brought out her cheeky character.

I wanted to share these photo’s as I am so proud of my little girl.

What I love about the Pooch’s biscuits are they are all handmade and only contain natural locally sourced ingredients.  I always worry about what my dogs are eating and ensure that they have the best food after all you are what you eat!  Pooch’s biscuits come in many varieties and they will cater for dogs with sensitive tummies with their gluten and dairy free range.  They don’t contain any additives or preservatives and are made with human grade ingredients.  They contain at least 40% real meat per 100 g.  Even their packaging is environmentally friendly!  Your dogs will love them and they are only £2.20 for a 225 g bag which is a fantastic price for the amount of work that goes into making them.  Pooch’s are fully regulated through Trading Standards & D.E.F.R.A so you know you are buying a top rated product.

I lost count of the number of biscuits that Xena ate whist being photographed, needless to say she didn’t have much tea that night.

Phil and John were great to work with.  It was a very relaxed environment and they were superb with Xena.  She loves people and made sure that she got lots of attention and cuddles.  We were there for two hours and towards the end Xena was starting to get a bit bored but they were so patient with her and got some fantastic photos.  If you are looking for a present for a family member or just want to have your faithful friend photographed then I can highly recommend Phil and John.  Visit their website www.norfolkpetphotography.co.uk/ or their Facebook page www.facebook.com/NorfolkPetPhotography?fref=ts

Xena is now featured on the Pooch’s website www.poochs.co.uk and their Facebook page www.facebook.com/poochs?fref=ts have a look at the new celebrity and purchase your faithful friends some yummy biscuits!

Thanks again to John and Phil, Norfolk Pet Photography and Liz and Sarah, Pooch’s Hand-Made Dog Biscuits!

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