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We offer a 1-2-1 service for various training. Some of the things we can help with are:

  • Lead walking
  • Recall
  • General training

Please get in touch with our trainers to discuss what you would like help with.


Are you getting a new puppy or have you got a young pup and want to start the training correctly right from the start. We offers puppy consultations. We cover everything you need to know before you even start looking for a puppy this is to make the transition of a puppy joining your family as smooth as possible. Some people end up making the wrong choice of breed of dog as they often go on the cute appearance of a puppy or their friend has a dog of that breed and it’s really well behaved without realising all the work that goes into training, or they don’t realise how big or lively the puppy might be. These problems have occurred more in the recent year since all of the “designer breeds” have become very popular. We see many breeds within our classes. Naomi has 10 years of experience of many many dog breeds and can help you to make the right choice. With so much conflicting information on the internet it’s always worth asking a professional.

  • Not sure what breed to get? What will best suit your personal situation? 
  • Dog or a bitch? Which is easier?
  • Siblings? Should you buy siblings?
  • What age should we get a puppy?
  • Already have a dog, what’s the best way to integrate the puppy in to the home
  • Do you have children? What’s the best breed? Should we involve the children with the training?
  • How soon can we start training our puppy? What’s the first thing we should teach our puppy?

We can answer all these questions and more in our consultations.

If you already have a puppy we can help you to get your puppy settled into your home and get you off on the right track with it’s training in preventing common problems right from the start.

To book a session contact:

Naomi Farrow (Paws 4 Training owner) – 07709 539903, naomi@paws4training.net

Lauren Roe (Assistant trainer) – 07917 718373, lr.dogtraining@outlook.com or click here to be take to the Facebook page

For more details about the trainers please have a look at the About Us page