1-2-1 Training is an excellent option for all dog’s and puppies at it gives us the opportunity to work on the individual needs for each dog and their guardian.

We offer a variety of services and you can find a brief summary below for each of the activities that we offer.

We have also included our availability below.

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Opportunities are endless, if there is a specific activity that you would like to work on whether it is obedience, mental activities or dog sports please just drop us an email.

Training Programmes

Some of the behaviours we can help you with:

  1. Settling
  2. Loose lead walking
  3. Recall
  4. Sit, down and stand
  5. Impulse control
  6. Stay or Wait
  7. Emergency Stop
  8. Working on common puppy problems including stop jumping up, play biting, leaving items, desensitisation


What is Parkour? You navigate your way around equipment teaching your dog two paws up, four paws on, how to go in things, around things, and under things. As we progress we make things a little more tricky by making the obstacles a little bit narrower or smaller for your dogs to practice those skills

Our 1-2-1 Parkour sessions are an ideal way to help build your dogs confidence and build on your relationship with your canine companion whilst having fun and learning new skills.

We will let you know when your dog is ready to join our Parkour Rally Fusion workshops where they will be working around a small group of other dogs and their guardians.

Canine Hoopers

Canine Hoopers was started in America and provides low impact courses using a plastic frame that has a hoop for the dogs to run through. Barrels are used to provide a change in direction for the dogs.

Tunnels are also used but these are shorter, wider and higher than those used for agility and are always kept straight.

The courses comprise a TANGO mat – Touch and go. Which the dogs learn to run on. 

It is an excellent activity to start training dogs some independence at working at a distance from the handler before progressing onto agility.

Canine Hoopers is ideal for any dogs including puppies, older dogs and large breeds who need a low impact activity. 

Canine Hoopers

Proprioception Training

Proprioception training is great for dogs becoming aware of their body. Sounds strange doesn’t it?

By teaching dogs how to move correctly this can reduce injuries when taking part in sports such as agility.

Not only is it good for our dogs physically but also mentally. We ensure the movements are done slowly and accurately and work on dogs holding positions to help them to think more about their positioning and their legs. 

If dog’s knock poles down this could be due to a lack of muscle in their rear legs. By doing proprioception training this can really help to build your dog’s core strength.


Agility is a fun athletic sport ideal training for active dogs and their owners.

We offer non-competitive 1-2-1 training sessions at our training centre. We will teach you and your dog how to navigate their way through courses of jumps, tunnels, contact equipment and weaves.

1-2-1 training has many benefits. The main one being is we can work at the dog and handlers pace. The training can be easily adapted to suit individual requirements.

It is also ideal if your dog can be nervous or anxious around other dogs. By not having to attend a group class your dog will be able to have fun learning a new sport and not having to worry about other dogs within a class.

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