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See step by step instructions below on how to train your dog to come to you by using a whistle. I always recommend using a gun dog whistle as these have the best pitch for whistle training. I do sell Acme whistles in class.

Day 1 and day 2

Walk up to your dog, blow the whistle, when your dog looks at you click and treat within 2 seconds.  Make each whistle blow the same length.  Repeat 6 – 12 times intermittently each day.

Day 3

This is the first day that you will be recalling him, so using the whistle, wait until your dog is at one end of the room, blow the whistle and when he comes click and treat him immediately (don’t worry about asking him for a sit before giving the reward).  Today only keep within one room.  Repeat 6 – 12 times intermittently.

Day 4

You are now ready to recall him into another room.  Wait until he is settled in one room.  Go to another room and recall him using the whistle.  Reward immediately using the clicker and treats and repeat 6 – 12 times.

Day 5

Recall your dog using the whistle from the house into the garden, reward and repeat as above.

Day 6

Recall your dog using the whistle from the garden in to the house.  Reward and repeat 6 – 12 times a day.

In addition to the training afore mentioned you can also have your dog in front of you.  Throw a treat a short distance to your left once your dog has eaten the treat blow the whistle then throw another treat to your right.  Keep repeating this exercise and gradually increase the distance you throw your treat so your dog is starting to run back towards you for the next treat.

Remember to only do 6 at a time and have a break. Then repeat the exercise increasing the distance and changing the environment.