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We have designed workshops as we realise that not everyone can attend a structured 6 or 8 week course. We have selected a few areas to cover which will help you with your dog’s training. These courses are suitable for puppies and dogs that you haven’t done any structured training with or if you want to do extra training with your dog to progress on their training.

The various workshops cover different aspects of training and last for 3 hours.

Morning workshops will start at 0900 and finish at 1200 noon, afternoon workshops will start at 1300 and finish at 1600.

WORKSHOPS  (Further workshops will be added at a later date)

  • Lead Work and Recall
  • Distance Control
  • Agility
  • Interactive Play with Craig Ogilvie

Lead work and recall

  • Loose lead walking
  • Recall

These two elements will be the main focus of the training, however the course will be flexible and if there is anything in particular that you would like to cover please mention on booking.

Distance control (suitable for puppies and dogs of all ages who have a good level of obedience or have completed Paws 4 Training silver training)

  • Distance control – sit, down and stop
  • Heelwork off lead (including sit and down in motion)
  • Send away to a place board

These three elements will be the main focus of the training, however the course will be flexible and if there is anything in particular that you would like to cover please mention on booking.


(Details to follow)


Workshops cost £50 per dog.

You are welcome to do two workshops in one day, however younger puppies may find this too much.

To book onto a workshop please send an email to stating which workshop you would like to attend.

Paws 4 Training are hosting Interactive play skills workshops with Craig Ogilvie WEDNESDAY 21st JUNE

Using Interactive Play to create a unique and special experience to share
with your dog. Which can help with:

Improving your existing play

Working motivation

Toy possession

Lack of interest in toys

Building a better relationships with your dog

Confidence building

A high value reward experience for training

Communicating with your dog whilst they are stimulated

Creating interactive experience that you can share with your dog stimulates
their body and mind

Most of all having lots of fun

Craig is uniquely qualified in the U.K as the only person to achieve a
Mondioring decoys license and has travelled all over Europe with his sport
testing and training dogs from all over the world.

He is also one of the few civilian accredited police dog trainers in the
country, a dog behaviour practitioner, the author of the soon to be released
Interactive Play Guide and completely in love with helping dogs and people .
Travelling all over the country delivering seminars, workshops and talks
helping to motivate dog lovers and their dogs to achieve their goals and
create their own in amazing Interactive Play Experience.

There will be 3 x 2 Hour Workshops

9am – 11am (4 spaces)
11.15 am – 1.15pm (6 spaces)
1.30pm – 3.30pm (6 spaces)
£40 per dog
£10 per spectator


We only use kind and gentle reward based methods in all our training classes. We do not allow the use of choke chains, half choke collars, slip leads, slip collars, shock or spray collars.