My boyfriend had owned dogs before but Mervin is the first dog I have owned and wanted to make sure I was doing the right things with him from the start. All I can say is I can’t imagine going to a better trainer!  Naomi has been fantastic from day one when we took Mervin to puppy socialisation at 14 weeks. We have continued on to complete Bronze obedience and are enjoying the Silver classes. Her advice has been so valuable and I don’t think we would have such a well behaved, entertained and relaxed Sprocker if it wasn’t for Naomi.  She has a lot of patience and a natural way with dogs, it is amazing to see how she interacts with Mervin and his Paws 4 Training buddies finding ways to work with each unique character! We get complimented all the time on Mervins behaviour and people can’t believe he is only just over 6 months old.  Mervin loves his training and agility classes, actually we both do! Thank you!

Nikki and Mervin


I rescued Lily, a little Jack Russell Terrier about two years ago, she was very cute but very busy and extremely wild!  I realised very early on that we both needed guidance to help this mischievous little dog become calmer and more controllable.  Luckily we discovered Naomi and  Paws 4 Training, we started off doing the basic Bronze obedience class and unbelievably, not only passed that but went on to do the Silver and Gold.

We still go to Naomi every week as we are now doing her agility classes which we both love.

The training methods that are used are all reward based and very kind to the dogs, Naomi is lovely and helps and encourages all of her pupils, she never makes you feel silly or stupid (even though we are !)

I would recommend this club because I feel that without it, I would not have been able to cope with Lily.

I would like to say a HUGE Thank You to Naomi and keep up the good work.

Karen and Lily


Naomi, I really can’t thank you enough for all the help and support you have given me with George, my adorable but overly exuberant labrador, over the last nine months or so. I felt so relieved after I finally picked the telephone up and booked a one to one appointment for you to come and meet George (who was then about 8 months old) with his sister Millie in his own home.  You immediately picked up that my older labrador was winding him up and actually instigating a lot of the problems and you gave me some very helpful ideas to calm the situation down generally.  At that point in time I would have laughed if you had said he would achieve not only his Bronze obedience but also his Silver and Gold!  Your classes are fun, friendly, well organised and very informative and I can’t believe that I started with a dog that constantly barked at the other dogs and pulled uncontrollably on the lead and by the end of the Gold course was calm, relaxed, walked without pulling and even walked to heel off the lead!  He has his rosettes displayed above his crate just to remind everyone what a clever boy he has been!  We look forward to continuing his training again in the autumn.  Thank you so much once again.

Helen and George


Having recently completed puppy socialisation classes and in the process of completing the bronze obedience classes, I can honestly say that we have learnt so much on how to be consistent when training Molly, keeping it enjoyable and fun for us both too! We always look forward to our weekly sessions and shall hopefully continue to proceed onto the silver and gold obedience. Naomi is always very supportive and encouraging and always on hand to answer any queries we may have.

Molly - Mary-Jane and Emily

Daisy and Smudger

Hello Naomi, thank you to you and your team for a lovely day yesterday – and the pic’s on facebook of Daisy (well her nose anyway) and Smudge are lovely – I would like to say that Smudge is always that alert – but I think he could smell some doggie biscuits that the lady near him was holding on to!  We managed to have a go at the agility which was great fun and I will keep my eye on your website for a suitable course.  Once again, many thanks to you and your team as I know how much organising and behind the scenes work goes on to organise an event such as that.  Sadly successful events like that don’t organise themselves! – Michele, Steve, Daisy and Smudger

Michelle, Daisy & Smudger


Hello Naomi. Just wanted to say thank you and how much I enjoyed bringing Oscar along to the Bronze Obedience Class. He thoroughly enjoyed it too! I feel we have gained a lot, it is so much easier taking him out for a walk now that he walks so well on the lead, and I also understand how to be consistent when teaching him what I would like him to do (and not do). Thank you for your patience and encouragement and in teaching us how to be good teachers to our dogs. Top marks on the surroundings too. Clean and spacious and perfect for training. All in all a great experience. We will be back for more!!

Alexis & Oscar

Bella and Daisy

I would just like to say thank you very much for helping me out with both Daisy and Bella.  With Bella you have given me the confidence back to take her out. We still have a way to go but the tips and the new set up in her harness is amazing.  Sometimes in the morning I have taken her out with just the harness on and she has walked so well.  In the evenings I still put the bridle on and on occasions I have turned back when the dog next door is out, but that is a bonus as I got to the stage that I did not want to take her out.
I so enjoyed the classes with Daisy. You are absolutely brilliant. Daisy always got so excited on a Tuesday night, she knew where she was going.  She learnt so much and so did I. It was fun for me and I shall miss it.  I look forward to continuing her training with you.  Keep up the good work and will see you at the next available class.

Bella and Daisy - Jill


Cassie is the first dog I have had, and although she is a joy, she is mischievous and very clever! We have attended puppy socialisation classes, obedience training and had 1-2-1 sessions with Naomi, and they have been invaluable. We got Cassie at 9 weeks old, and started attending classes as soon as Cassie was vaccinated. Cassie’s confidence grew quickly, and she is now such a happy, friendly little terrier who is sociable with any animal or person we come across.

Naomi has been there for me when I have had a confidence crisis, when I feel I am doing it all wrong! Cassie is 16 months old now and still loves her training and showing off her tricks, but we will continue to take her to classes for as long as we can. I would never have thought of ways to keep an excitable little Jack Russell X’s mind so active on my own. We would have had a demon on our hands! Thank you!

Emma, Ryan and Cassie


We have a highly active, intelligent 10 month old Lagotto Romagnolo who is very strong willed. We therefore decided to attend socialisation and obedience classes with Paws 4 Training, one of the best decisions we have made in a long time.

The classes we attended at Paws 4 Training have been invaluable, we have learnt how to keep Darcy’s mind stimulated in a positive constructive manner.  He loves attending Naomi’s classes and really enjoys learning the new tasks and tricks.

Naomi’s knowledge and experience has helped us greatly to gain confidence with Darcy and has helped us on our way to raise a well behaved happy friendly adult dog.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Paws 4 Training.  Roll on the gold obedience classes!!!

Sarah, Richard and Darcy

Casper, Candy, Miley and Willow

We have 4 Labradoodles and Naomi was recommended to us by other Labradoodle owners because we were having problems with our youngest dog, Casper. Naomi has done some 1-2-1 home sessions with us and Casper went to puppy agility and has just started bronze obedience training.

I had lost all of my confidence in what I did with my dogs because unfortunately other people had interfered and told me that everything I did was wrong and I tried to change things to what they advised.  Naomi came to our home and we had a really good chat about everything and by the time she left I felt happy, my confidence had grown and I loved my dogs again!  Naomi is just a phone call away and is a huge support.

Naomi uses treat based training and everything is gentle and calming for the dog.  My dogs are more contented and relaxed and actually seem happier in such a short space of time!

I would not hesitate in recommending Paws 4 Training and I’m sure my dogs would agree, especially Casper who just loves Naomi!

Gaynor - Casper, Candy, Miley and Willow


We’re so pleased that we’ve found Naomi and Paws 4 Training for our Ridgeback Dexter. We came across Naomi on the internet when we were desperate for some help and advice, if there was ever a turning point in our lives as dog and handler then that decision was it! Naomi is much more than just a dog walker for Dexter; she is a trainer with a natural talent and empathy with dogs.  Now just a few short months on we have a dog that is under control at all times and he is so much happier in himself now. It makes such a huge difference to us to be able to go to work knowing that Dexter is being well looked after and gives us peace of mind. Dexter is besotted with Naomi and you can really tell Naomi loves dogs and handles Dexter wonderfully.   She is extremely reliable and we trust her totally with Dexter. Not only does it help me to know that he has a good hours walk, but also through attending the training classes it has also been a great way to help our young and very boisterous dog to learn control and socialise and pass his bronze obedience class with flying colours!

We would highly recommend Naomi and Paws 4 Training to anyone who wants the best a care for their dog.

Sara and Dexter


I called Naomi on the recommendation of two of my friends before actually visiting a litter of pups for the first time. Naomi gave me plenty of helpful hints regarding choosing and preparing for a puppy which increased my confidence in choosing a pup and proved to be invaluable. It was a long time since I had owned a dog and Naomi completely put me at ease, enabling me to ask the ‘idiot’ questions as well as the sensible ones!

We are a busy, modern family with three children and all the pressures of a hectic lifestyle so for us it seemed crucial to start off with a decent understanding of the needs and requirements of owning a dog and to begin training the dog so that he would fit into our family as well as possible without increasing stress levels too much for all concerned!!. ISo to start off on the right track, Naomi provided a consultation in our home, for all the family, on the day that the puppy arrived, giving us loads of useful tips and advice including the toilet training of our new addition, but much more too. I genuinely believe that it was Naomi’s advice and support that enabled us to be confident and consistent with our approach towards Jet which consequently, meant that he settled in easily, became toilet trained quickly and developed a lovely, happy nature with all the family. Naomi is clearly passionate about dogs and knowledgeable on her subject so we were lucky to find her.

Since then we have attended puppy socialisation classes which have increased Jet’s confidence immensely with other dogs and are an opportunity for more advice and training tips, they are lots of fun and we look forward to the obedience classes! Jet is a great success, thanks very much for your tremendous input Naomi.

Sarah and Jet


I have an 8 month old Labrador x Retreiver and all of a sudden he started being a bit naughty including chewing in the house and when I take him for walks on the field I let him off and he used to come back when I called him.  Then suddenly if I called him he would just look at me as if to say yes what do you want. At this point I was thinking why have you started doing all this after you were such a good boy, so I looked on the internet for trainers and saw Naomi ( Paws 4 Training) then a friend of mine mentioned her so I thought I will give her a ring and I’m so glad I did.  She helped me understand why and gave me some brilliant advice and techinques and now walking my dog Rossi isn’t a nightmare anymore. I would and have recommended Naomi to people, I thought having someone come to your home and see what your dog is like would be scary but I felt so relaxed  thank you so much Naomi.

Alison and Rossi


Dug and I have completed 4 courses with Paws 4 Training.  We started with the puppy socialisation and then we did the bronze, silver and gold obedience courses.  Dug and I have learnt so much and he has changed from being a bit wild to a well behaved dog.  The classes were very friendly and enjoyable for both Dug and I.  I would thoroughly recommend Naomi and Paws 4 Training.

Marie and Dug


I called Paws 4 Training soon after bringing my puppy home so I could start to socialise him.  From the very start the classes were fun and informative.  Hurley loves his training sessions and it’s so nice to meet other owners and pets and gain insight into animal behaviour.  Naomi is always patient and consistent with all the dogs and I have found her practical and reassuring advice invaluable.  I have recommended Paws 4 Training to friends and feel happy that I have a well behaved, lively, fun, sociable dog to enjoy.

Karen Seaman and Hurley


I would rate Paws 4 training 10 out of 10 and would highly recommend to others. Naomi is excellent agility trainer.  I have improved my interaction with my dog Mylo he has been more attentive.  Whether you want to do agility for fun or for showing it is good way to build a relationship with your dog and socialise with a great group of people.

Kim & Mylo


I bought a 10 week old Cocker Spaniel puppy not realising how lively she could be.  I desperately needed some help to control her.  I looked on the internet and found clicker training in Thorpe.  I called and spoke to Naomi who was very positive from the outset.  I had 1-2-1 training in my home until Rosie was old enough to go to training classes.  This was brilliant as it helped us to stop her jumping up and mouthing us.  Naomi was always at the end of the phone to offer tips and help out. We went to puppy classes which only had about 6 other puppies so it was  all very friendly and intimate.  We used treats made by Naomi which Rosie loves better than mine.  We have now completed the puppy and bronze training classes and Rosie did brilliantly.  We just want to thank Naomi because without her we would not have been able to keep Rosie.  We are all so much happier now that we can control her.  Thank you for all your help we could not have done it without you.

Shirley, Roger and Rosie


Having waited 6 years to find the right dog we thought we had found him when Bruno arrived in our lives.  Much as we all loved him he was a “character” who ate mobile phones, shoe polish, soap, body spray, sticks, socks, shoes and anything else that was “new” to him.  The post and toilet rolls were a favourite, not like in the advert, Bruno ripped them apart.  Add to this the fact that “walkies” meant a sprint down the road faster than a Ferrari – he made us all look like something out of a cartoon!  The turning point came when we took the “mad spaniel” to Devon on holiday.  He nearly took my daughter and myself over the cliff edge – completely freaked me out and made me realise that we needed help (or, I hate to say it, he had to go).  On our return I found Naomi’s web-site and felt so much better after our first chat.  On the weekend Naomi came around and Bruno was on his best behaviour – no jumping up, no racing around the furniture – he knew that things were going to change.  Now, thanks to Naomi’s help, he’s a good boy who we regularly take to Devon on holiday and love to bits.  He attends Naomi’s agility training classes with my daughter and enjoys every minute.  Many thanks Naomi for turning “the monster” into a lovely little boy.

Pam, Richard and Hayley Gould


Our Vizsla Poppy, although very obedient and energetic was having problems with wanting to be in charge of the pack (i.e. me and my husband). Whenever people came to visit she would jump up, she wouldn’t settle while visitors were in the house and due to us allowing her to sit on our furniture she was taking over and claiming the sofa as her own and had no respect for us. Poppy and I love dog agility and so through the Paws 4 Training dog agility classes I got chatting to Naomi about Poppy’s issues. Naomi suggested a one to one session and arranged to come to our home to assess and give guidance. Naomi was amazing….as soon as she arrived she identified the problems and within less than two hours had showed and demonstrated how we needed to make tiny changes in the way we dealt with Poppy. We have been able to put the changes in to place and immediately saw a massive difference. Thanks Naomi.

Lynsey & Poppy