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Training Workshops

Training workshops are an ideal way to train your puppy or dog to perfect their training or if you are unable to attend a structured course.

We have designed workshops as we realise that not everyone can attend a structured 6 or 8 week course. We have selected a few areas to cover which will help you with your dog’s training. These courses are suitable for puppies and dogs that you haven’t done any structured training with or if you want to do extra training with your dog to progress on their training.

The various workshops cover different aspects of training and last for 3 hours.

Workshops will start at 0845 and finish at 1200 noon

WORKSHOPS  (Further workshops will be added at a later date)

  • Agility
  • Basic Scent Work
  • Obedience

Agility (suitable for puppies and dogs from 6 months of age who have completed our bronze obedience or equivalent elsewhere)

During the agility workshop we will work on the following:

  • Tunnel
  • Jumping
  • Weaves
  • Contacts
  • Courses

The first agility workshop (Ref: AW1) will focus on teaching the dogs the tunnel, jumps (any dogs under one year of age or larger breed young dogs the poles will be on the ground) weaves and contacts.

We will do various combinations of equipment working on owner handling techniques.

The second agility workshop (Ref: AW2) will focus on the owners handling over jumps and through tunnels. We will continue to perfect your dogs contacts and progress with the weaves.


  • Off lead heel work
  • Group stay off lead
  • Emergency Stop

These three elements will be the main focus of the training, however the course will be flexible and if there is anything in particular that you would like to cover please mention on booking.

Basic Scent Work

We will teach you the basics of scent work. It’s a great way to mentally stimulate and tire your dog..

Scent work is ideal for dogs who are on restricted exercise or who get bored easily if you are unable to physically tire them.


Workshops cost £50 per dog.

To book onto a workshop please complete the basic booking form at the top right hand side of this page

We only use kind and gentle reward based methods in all our training classes. We do not allow the use of choke chains, half choke collars, slip leads, slip collars, shock or spray collars.

Upcoming Dates & Availability

  • 05 Nov 2017 , 08.45am - 12noon | Scent work
    1 space
  • 04 Feb 2018 , 08.45am - 12noon | Scent work
    6 spaces
  • 29 Oct 2017 , 08.45am - 12noon | Agility
    6 spaces
  • 12 Mar 2017 , 08.45am - 12noon | Scent work
    6 spaces

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