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Flyball (Beginners availability)

Flyball is a popular dog sport where teams of dogs race against each other from a start and finish line. They jump over 4 small hurdles that are placed 3 meters apart.  At the end of the line of hurdles there is a spring loaded box with a tennis ball. The dogs are taught to place their paws on the box which releases the ball. They catch the ball and run back over the hurdles and give the ball to their owner.  Then the next dog runs.

As with all our classes this will be taught for fun. Classes will be held in our training centre on a Saturday afternoon.

All dogs must have completed basic obedience, this would be my bronze clicker training or equivalent if you have trained elsewhere.  This is only suitable for small/medium  dogs over the age of 1 year and for larger breeds e.g. German Shepherds etc. we would recommend waiting until your dog is at least 18 months. This is due to the impact on their joints.

Your dogs must have a keen interest in tennis balls and be able to release them on command. Don’t worry if your dog doesn’t like to bring the ball back, we will work on this as part of the training.

Registration is essential and payment is required in advance by bank transfer.

£48 for a 6 week course

It is helpful if your dog is wearing a harness for this training. If you would like a made to measure harness specifically for flyball please email info@paws4training.net

You will need to bring a flat bed for your dog to lie on whilst resting and it is helpful if you have a Kong to keep them occupied if they are unable to settle whilst other dogs are working.

Proof of vaccination is required in all our classes. (Whilst we request that all puppies and dogs attending classes are fully vaccinated, it is your decision to choose whether or not to re-vaccinate annually. Should you decide not to re-vaccinate your dog annually Paws 4 Training is not liable for any illnesses your dog may contract whilst training at our training centre.)

Please be advised we do not allow the use of choke chains, half choke collars, slip leads or slip collars in any of our classes.

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