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Fun Agility Classes

These courses have been designed for you to have fun with your puppy or dog and to build on the foundations of training that you have already completed. We use reward based training in agility and it’s advisable to bring high value treats to encourage your faithful friend to work with you on gaining confidence in using the agility equipment.

Some of my clients have been coming to our classes for over seven years.  They continue coming because they want to give their dogs something else to do for their weekly routine and to have a fun evening out with like minded people.

The courses are suitable for puppies from 6 months and dogs of all ages who have completed our novice obedience as a minimum (or other equivalent training elsewhere). Please be advised there will be no jumping for puppies under 1 year of age and the height of jumps will be kept low for all large breed dogs until they are at least 18 months of age.

All puppies and dogs must be physically fit and not overweight as this can put a strain on their joints and ligaments.

The 6 week course costs £60. Payment is required in advance to guarantee your place.

To register on a course complete the booking request which is on the top right of this page. We will then send you all the details of the classes. Places are offered on a first come first served basis and will only be confirmed once payment has been received.

Vaccinations – All puppies and dogs attending classes must be fully vaccinated and proof of vaccination must be shown at your first class. Should you choose not to vaccinate, a letter stating your dog’s blood titre levels must be presented on headed paper and signed by your veterinary surgeon. If you choose these routes, Paws 4 Training will not be held responsible for any illness your dog may contract whilst training with Paws 4 Training at our training centre.

We only use kind and gentle methods in our training classes and 1-2-1’s and do not allow the use of choke (check) chains, slip leads, slip collars, half choke (check) collars or non-pull harnesses.

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