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Foundation Obedience Clicker Training Course

We realised there was a gap in our training classes so we have now designed a course specifically for puppies from 6 months of age and dogs of all ages who have not done any training courses with us or you may have attended puppy training elsewhere and your pup is now too old for our puppy training classes.

Clicker training is an operant conditioning method that we like to encourage our clients to use in our obedience courses.  The clicker is used as a marker of the correct behaviour that our dogs have demonstrated.  We shape the dogs behaviour in a kind and gentle way ensuring all dogs are calm and happy whilst they learn.  We encourage the use of treats along with the clicker.  A clicker will be provided for you to keep as part of the registration.

The foundation obedience clicker training course will cover the following:

Sit and down
Leaving food in a bowl
Walking nicely on a loose lead

Other behaviours we will cover will include how to meet other dogs politely and stop jumping up.

All dogs must be friendly and able to work in small groups with other dogs.

Each course is for 6 weeks, classes are for 45 minutes and the cost of the course is £75.

Places are restricted to 6 per class. (from time to time we may be able to accommodate additional attendees. Please ask on booking)

Payment is required in advance by bank transfer to guarantee your place. (We are unable to accept cheques)

Proof of vaccination is required for all our classes. (Whilst we request that all puppies and dogs attending classes are fully vaccinated, it is your decision to choose whether or not to re-vaccinate annually. Should you decide not to re-vaccinate your dog annually Paws 4 Training is not liable for any illnesses your dog may contract whilst attending training with us)

We only use kind and gentle methods in our classes and we do not allow the use of choke (check) chains, Slip leads or collars or half choke (check) collars.

The start dates of classes and content may be subject to change

Upcoming Dates & Availability

  • 01 May 2018 , 1815
    6 spaces
  • 16 Jun 2018 , 1000
    6 spaces
  • 12 Jun 2018 , 1815
    6 spaces
  • 28 Jul 2018 , 1000
    6 spaces
  • 24 Jul 2018 , 1815
    6 spaces
  • 08 Sep 2018 , 1000
    6 spaces
  • 04 Sep 2018 , 1815
    6 spaces
  • 16 Oct 2018 , 1815
    6 spaces
  • 20 Oct 2018 , 1000
    6 spaces
  • 27 Nov 2018 , 1815
    6 spaces
  • 01 Dec 2018 , 1000
    6 spaces

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