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Basic Scent Training

We will be running a number of basic scent training workshops throughout 2018.

It is common belief that dogs need to be walked for hours every day to tire them out – especially the more active breeds. Whilst physical exercise is important to keep a dog fit and healthy, it is equally as important to ensure your dog exercises its brain. This can be done through training.

Scent training is a really great way to mentally stimulate your dog. 10 minutes of scent work is equivalent to a walk for 1 hour. It is an ideal way to work your dog’s brain. All dogs are capable of doing scent work. During our three hour workshop we will teach you the basic steps of teaching your dog how to find food then we will move on to teaching them how to find an article.

Scent training is a really good form of training for dogs as it gets them having to really think about what they are doing. We allow the dogs to work independently and not instruct them continuously as we would for obedience training. With guidance we can assist the dogs to learn to find things through scent.

Dogs possess up to 300 million olfactory receptors in their noses.

Put into perspective compared to humans we have about 6 million.

The percentage of the dog’s brain that is devoted to analyzing smells is actually 40 times larger than that of a human!

A dog can be trained to use its sense of smell to help with:

  1. Search and Rescue
  2. Detecting drugs
  3. Finding articles
  4. Detecting cancers
  5. Signalling when someone is having a seizure

If a dogs nose is wet they will pick up more odours.

A blood hound has an exceptional sense of smell and their ability to smell is increased by having long ears which drag on the ground releasing more smells.

Dogs exhale out of the side slits of their nose this minimises loss of an odour.

They use different nostrils for different smells. When a new and pleasant or neutral odour is detected the right nostril takes the scent in first and then moves it to the left nostril.

If a dog smells the odour of adrenaline (fear/stress) this will be inhaled by the right nostril and will never make it to the left nostril.

Your dog is continually doing his own scent training.

The training is suitable for puppies from 6 months and older dogs.

Each workshop is for 3 hours.

Cost £50 per dog

All dogs must be friendly and able to work in small groups with other dogs.

To make a booking complete the short online booking form and we will email you all the registration details. Payment is required by bank transfer or cash in advance to guarantee your place.

We only allow the use of flat collars, harnesses and standard or training leads in our classes and workshops. We do not allow the use of choke chains, half choke collars, slip leads or slip collars.

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